Stellar hunter 2

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Use mouse to catch the stars, catch as much stars as you can.
Pass 50 beautiful levels


Not too interesting to be honest.

Can see you up in a lot of work, and it's a nice game, just not really that entertaining. Was bored with it after the first level.

Not my idea of relaxing.

Too bright and fast to be relaxing.

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i found this game to be really relaxing and generally just a joy to play, yeah the graphics are nothing special and the gameplay doesn't require you to do much but (correct me if i'm wrong) this game was created for people to sit back and just hill with, which personnally i did.
the music is relaxing, though i admit it probably isn't to everyones taste.
the only problem i would say that i had with it was the noise when collecting stars, had my volume quite high at first and it was ringing my ears, turned it down it was fine (could just be my crappy speakers)
on a whole, simple, relaxing and a nice way to end my night ^_^


maybe a good Gameconcept Idea...but this game is a bit lame. the graphic is not shape enough and the music sucks after a short time.

Beautiful, period.

Without a doubt, the visuals are great and it is very relaxing, though I think with the little effort you put into the gaming mechanics, this would've served a lot better as music player visualization...

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3.87 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2012
9:28 AM EST
Skill - Collect