Stellar hunter 2

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Use mouse to catch the stars, catch as much stars as you can.
Pass 50 beautiful levels


I love this.

I have an anxiety disorder and this was very relaxing. I loved catching the swirling stars especially when they were all bunched together. The levels were differentiated well. It would be extra cool with different colors. Thanks for the great flash!


You never took the serious suggestions from your first game, where people pointed out many imperfections such as too fast a gameplay, too slow upgrades and the fact the music is anything BUT soothing - you call this a soothing game, we don't, it's too fast and it's giving people headaches.

It's a good game in its own right and good gameplay value... for a short while, but purely on the fact you don't give a damn about the people who play your game, well, you deserve nothing but 0.

MoonMana responds:

I did not made any improvements, because stellar hunter 2 was made before stellar hunter's 1 launch date. If you'd be a developer you'd understand

Addictive a bit, but...

...oh god, my eyes hurt...

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MoonMana responds:

;) ;)

A series of artistic designs disguised as a flash

Your sense of design is very great in all of these little bite-sized levels of stars flickering around; it's very hypnotizing in its simple elegance. My advice to anyone playing this is to slowly collect the stars and just appreciate how every level is like a unique snowflake. My personal favorites are the ones where the stars will trace larger stars with their quick movements.

Just one area that could use improvement is the audio - specifically, the music. I think there maybe 3 tracks that were great on their own, but they became repetitive when looped so often throughout the course of the game's 50 levels. A single song that is lengthy, or a larger soundtrack could be a great solution for a sequel.

Speaking of which, if you ever do make a Stellar Hunter 3, I'd play it!

...Great job by the way.

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MoonMana responds:

Thanks for the very usefull feedback!

My ears!

Nice Game, but i have sensytive ears and that colect sound make me my ears pain,
15 sec and i cut it off

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MoonMana responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

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3.87 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2012
9:28 AM EST
Skill - Collect