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I can jump

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Puzzling platform adventure with spaceships and stuff.

I made this in 2010 but sponsorship has taken incredibly long. I hope highscores stay working, it's not something I deal with, it's on the sponsor's side so sorry if it's being screwy. Enjoy!

More of my stuff at www.joewillmott.com including other games and in the blog there's some tutorials to help you get started on making your own games :)

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It was comical to watch the character die from a saw wound while beautiful piano music played in the background. 😂


Not too bad, a little short, but nice simple graphics and nice relaxing music :)

Yes. Yes you can.

I quite like this game because it's simple. It doesn't try to be anything more than it should be and it doesn't pretend to be more likable than it is. The game's name, after all, is "I can jump," and at the end it basically congratulates you for demonstrating this skill.

I like the mechanic of opening timed doors. That's pretty much this game's gimmick, as opposed to jumping. In fact, it seems that's what the game was originally designed for: as a door timing puzzler as opposed to a platformer. The majority of levels require you to time "walls which disappear," which is basically "doors," but that makes the precision platforming levels a little bit out-of-place and unexpected. One buzzsaw-and-spring-combination level requires you to be on the very edge of the springs to avoid death, which gets very annoying.

I think my biggest criticism of the game comes very early on, when a level encourages you to avoid the time limit of the doors by finding the quickest path to them. What it doesn't tell you is that you have to kill yourself and respawn to do so, which is actually a little obvious because the level doesn't stop or restart when you die. Still, this is a frustrating game mechanic to have to put up with, especially since this is the only level in the game which requires you to do so. That's right: the game gives you a piece of advice which only applies to a single level and never comes up again. There is also no penalty for dying, which makes sense IF the game requires you to die to complete levels, but does NOT make sense as it is where this happens only once.

I also don't understand how you managed to make a simplistic game with a simple art style lag so much. I don't get it. It's not like my computer is THAT slow, so why does the frame rate randomly drop on occasion? It seems like the graphics wouldn't look terrible if you let us shoot for a lower graphics quality; the main character looks like a post when he stands still.

One more little complaint: the game needs more boss fights. And I don't mean copy-pasting the flying saucer again. The game has only two boss fights and both of them are alien motherships, and it makes even less sense the second time around because we're given no reason to fight the mother ships other than "they're shooting at you and that's the only way to continue the game." And the best part is the boss fights also both take place on the same level design and are defeated the same way both times.

All of this wouldn't bother me so much if the game was poorly-designed, which it isn't. I actually quite like what the creators have gone for and considering how many crappy platformers the Internet continues to produce, this one is probably one of the better ones I've seen. It's not pretentious, it makes sense, it's well-designed, it just needs a little more, like a slice of bread. As it is I'd give the game a 4/5 for design if nothing more.