First Person Shooter Babe

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Video games tease you with gorgeous girls decked out in tight costumes, and sometimes you wish you could freeze those babes in place and strip off their clothes. We make it happen for you! In this first-person shooter, you get to see everything! The game begins with a firefight with the level boss, Kayla-Jane Danger, wearing a tight black spandex catsuit, black knee-high boots, and packing some serious heat! You exchange fire and then chase her up a fire escape as the game moves to level two, where you engage her again. You hit her with a freeze ray, giving you the opportunity to get up close and check out her amazing body clad in shiny black latex. What's underneath? You blast her with an armor disintegration ray to reveal a tiny, shiny gold bikini! While she's still frozen, you can take your time looking over her tight, smooth physique, getting up nice and close. It's not enough, though; you HAVE to see EVERYTHING! Hit her with the armor disintegration ray again and behold the glory of her stunning naked body, as she's frozen before you in nothing but her black knee-high boots and utility belt! Take a nice, long gaze at her perfect ass, up and down and all around her nude body. Look out, she's unfreezing and she's PISSED!


It's not playing.. I only get a white screen the whole time, I have refreshed and all.. ): not good stuff dardy

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Eh, a little cheesy, but its nice, and there should be more scenes where she is naked.

A bit of silly fun. The idea is good, and of course we'd all use that freeze/undress combo, expecially if the End Boss was as pretty as the one depicted here.
Why only three stars then?
A bit wibbly camera, of course it's supposed to 1st person view, but if it obscures rather than enhances, it doesn't work optimally.
Having taken the time to film and edit, one would also have hoped you'd take the time to add sound effects and visual ditto - as it is, it lacks oomph.
On a personal note, can't help but disagree with bigrog6395, surely that's a matter of personal taste?
I find A-cups to be yummy, especially on a model this lovely - but I digress.

To sumarize; camera work needs to be clearer, sound and visual effects would enhance this a lot.
Other than that, good idea, sexy model and all a silly bit of fun.

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Not a bad effort, but if you're going to make a live Tomb Raider or at least close to it at least have a girl with some tits cause A-cups are not sexy


It's not a game, but it's quite a fine movie you've made. Very original too. I like how you made the movie so that it was in the first-person view and felt like it was a game.

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1.53 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2012
4:42 AM EST