Don't Catch the Herp!

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Give Me a Wet One 5 Points

Kiss The Girl.

Bar Hoppin' 10 Points

Escape the bar in under 20 seconds.

No Red Sores 10 Points

Survive The Girl's clutches.

Retro Pro 25 Points

Escape in your car in under 20 seconds.

Pattern Recognition 50 Points

Get away without retrying.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Hai there!

Almost two years in the making, I present the ultimate depiction of the struggle of:
Good and Evil
Justice and Corruption
Freedom and Restraint


Action Button - SPACEBAR
Movement - ARROW KEYS

The following story is based on true events. All names of people and locations involved have been changed in respect of their privacy.

Love you.


Mad Fun

A game about running from the herps wouldn't seem like a good idea from an objective standpoint, but clearly this wonderous work of art proves there are fundamental and incorrectable problems with objectivity.

What to say about this.

Okay so I laughed. It was short, scribbled up, glitchy. Not a work of perfection here. I refuse to give something like this a 10 when there are things out there way better than this scribble up hooblah getting peoples 9s.

I am sorry I am in a terrible mood.
But you know it was tasteless.

You get all my 5.


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Why is this so great? Was it the music, the graphics the dialogue? No...it was the awesome end song at the end. Thank you for the experience.

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Non Spoiler Review!

Well, that was memorable.
I really don't want to ruin this game for other people, so I will simply say that be ready for some classic Newgrounds right here.
The gameplay is simple enough. The use of five keys is a natural progression (although the option for WASD didn't seem to be present, but even then the game's style is perfectly playable backwards).
The graphics...do what they need to do.
The audio is strong, reinforcing the game's atmosphere, and I will shake my hand defiantly at anyone who says this doesn't deserve to be featured material!

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pure newgrounds

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Credits & Info

3.84 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2012
1:26 AM EST
Simulation - Dating