Test Subject N36

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Hello SUBJECT N36.

Thank you for participating in our experiment. Thank you for your feedback: #$%@ YOU MY NAME IS CAPTIN SEXYPANTS LET ME GO. It has been received and will be processed shortly. In the meanwhile, please make yourself comfortable for the duration of our tests. According to our analysis, you are a very promising candidate. We like to award our exceptional test subjects with shinies. All humans love shinies, because humans feel stronger when they have shinies. I love humans.

You have been given the following controls:
WASD -- movement
1,2,3 + E -- switching weapons
space -- shield
mouse -- aiming and firing

Experiment updated 1.01:
- Increased success possibility for Test #5.
- Hold to autofire functionality.

I love you, SUBJECT N36, so I will create more of you. Many, many SUBJECT N36s for me.
End of message.

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oooo shinies! never mind, on a serious note, i think level 5 is just way too challenging with platforms

Yippers responds:

Feedback processed. Platforms deleted.

Well game!

That's a very nice game. Well done I think it is a bit hard but quite enjoyable too! Not bad.

It was good for 3 levels.

Then, the targets came. You can't miss a single target, which I understand. But there are platforms in the way, which block your shots. If you're on the platforms, they can be as high as half the page, which cuts your response time in half, and you can't shoot down thru the platforms, so if you don't hit it by then, you're probably going to fail the level. Again. It'd be better if there were either less targets, or you needed 25/30.

The fastest gun is the pistol, but even with the cowboy upgrade, it still gets too aggravating after you played the same friggin level 24 times and still can't move on.

I'd upgraded the pistol to over level 14, but speed or fire rate is never increased, just power and bonus $. Remove the platforms and/or make the gun faster and/or allow shooting thru the platforms or the game is basically DOA after level 3 or 4.

Yippers responds:

I really appreciate the detailed feedback, Exedor. :) You're definitely not the only one stuck on the target-shooting level, so level patching is in order! I'll revisit the weapon upgrades as well and see what bits I can tweak.

Pretty Good

I personally didn't have any problem with the game. It was fun overall so it received an 8 for gameplay and such. With a little improvement, this could be a game i become addicted to. But i digress, Nice Job!

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3.07 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2012
11:18 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional