[KK] Bearman's Request.

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Bearman comes to catsage for help. and then things
get really weird, and really cool.

Egoraptor wishes he could drum up comedy gold
this fantastic.


What the fuck is wrong with you and everyone who lets you live, you should have been smothered when you were a small child and I hope a rapist finds you and rapes you to death.
None of anything that you or anyone in the kitten (retard shit moron) crew is worth anything and you should all be killed in the most painful way possible or tortured for the rest of your pathetic and miserable lives for deluding yourselves into thinking your people.

It's the voices

It's not good that the voice is the same for the characters, also the voice is hard to follow and understand. Nice try but try to get some people to do the voices, it really ramps up the comedic effect as well as appeal. Also the animation looks slapped together and random to the point where it's not funny.

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CatSage responds:

you dick.

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1.70 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2012
5:17 PM EST
Comedy - Original