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Spirit Science is back! Lets kick off this new year right, with a 4 part lesson about Crystals!

Crystals have been absolutely wonderful in my own spiritual growth, as well as many, many people all around the world for thousands of years. I think its very important that we start using them in this time of need to raise the vibrations of the planet! Crystals are just flat out awesome, and I just wanted to share that knowledge with everyone!


Written by Jordan Duchnycz and Teal Scott

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Maya of Eternal Time
Drunvalo Melchizidek

Love is in the Earth

The Crystal Bible
Judy Hall

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So. Lumpin'. Awesome. Although this video shows natural crystals, in previous episodes, you showed that the merkaba was also pretty important. I have a crystal ( I think) merkaba necklace my dad found unattached on the ground. What does it MEAN?

seriously????? If ever you or anyone you know is stricken with cancer, I sure hope that you don't jump to crystals as your primary treatment... this is idiotic... your beliefs and perceptions are even wilder and more ignorant than Christians or scientoligists... the fact that you actually believe these things is a testament to your own idiocy. I'm glad that you found an audience stupid enough to accept this bull, but you should really rethink your worldviews. Perhaps read doctrines from actual philosophers and scientists before spewing this metaphysical vomit all over the internet.

Ah, crystals. As I study shamanism, I haven't seen crystals a lot directly in that study yet since shamanism has been invaded by new age, I see this crystal stuff to. I've been getting curious and would like to buy some cheap for experimenting. However I'm worried about fakes, as new age content is sadly plagued with scams and frauds. Out of curiosity, would you know if the kits at barnes and nobles are authentic or fake? I may just wait until I get a sign/message to go and get one.

Anyways nice video. Sorry you have so many quick judging skeptics. Some people don't understand that stuff like pagan and new age content is experimental and cannot be judged by pure text or science, but by experience.

Dang son, 2012 is intense.

Amazing, the amount of negativity. I have been working with crystals for some time now and can attest to everything that Jordan says. Why be negative about the subject? Experience is the only valid reference point for us. Ironically, once you use crystals, they can greatly help to remove the negativity in all our chakras. Are chakras psuedo-science as well? We all make the choice..... to heal, to learn, to love. Jordan, you are simply a gifted Indigo. Thank you for caring enough to make these. Although I think making them must energize you to no end! ; )

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