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Spirit Science is back! Lets kick off this new year right, with a 4 part lesson about Crystals!

Crystals have been absolutely wonderful in my own spiritual growth, as well as many, many people all around the world for thousands of years. I think its very important that we start using them in this time of need to raise the vibrations of the planet! Crystals are just flat out awesome, and I just wanted to share that knowledge with everyone!


Written by Jordan Duchnycz and Teal Scott

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Maya of Eternal Time
Drunvalo Melchizidek

Love is in the Earth

The Crystal Bible
Judy Hall


I really like spirit science

You better check out crystal lamps!!
This should get on front page.
I would like an episode of spirit medicine, I had a crossing finding spiritual medicines if you want some info from me PM. I cure my leukimia.
Animation: Is simple but with awesome art.
Art: awesome
Sound: fine
This series have the talent to give all the info.
I really find this as an inspiration.


Love the video Jordan! :)

I pick a stone to sleep with at night and charged mine up with the full moon last night.

You are right though about resisting. Sometimes I think I may resist their help because I "think i can do it on my own."

Damn independent streak, thank you for reminding me to relax and just let them do their work when I feel them.


Crystals Have Power!

Very fantastic description of Crystals and their properties. What I found amazing the most though, however, was at the end the talk about the Mayans. They are actually doing their ceremonies more public this year and the last one is to be on, of course, the Winter Solstice at about 11:11AM Universal Time. I'm not quite sure where you live at the moment, but that's GMT! I was planning on waking up really early that morning (It's at 6 AM for me) and meditating for that whole hour! Maybe you could too, or have other plans such as joining them at the event.

have to say thank you

those videos gave me a different take on life.

Some of the best movie ÀI ever watched out here...

I thought Newgrounds was a place for laughing while beeing high seeing random stuff but you really LEARNED ME SOMETHING !

I didn't know that crystal was having some good vibration and could actually help you in your life ?
I actually believe it because it got to do with the vibration of all things and theyre nothing so spectacular or magic about it when you think of it...

I learned a lot , I knew before how a crystal can make some sort of a electronical energy with the vibration in a computer or whatsoever , like in every tiny circuit if you want... but healing purpose ?

You actually put in my mind that I need to buy one of this crystal or keep it in the house or with me the whole time just to feel better with the vibration...

RiverJordan responds:

Haha, go forth young one! <3

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