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Spirit Science is back! Lets kick off this new year right, with a 4 part lesson about Crystals!

Crystals have been absolutely wonderful in my own spiritual growth, as well as many, many people all around the world for thousands of years. I think its very important that we start using them in this time of need to raise the vibrations of the planet! Crystals are just flat out awesome, and I just wanted to share that knowledge with everyone!


Written by Jordan Duchnycz and Teal Scott

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Maya of Eternal Time
Drunvalo Melchizidek

Love is in the Earth

The Crystal Bible
Judy Hall


I am god and I find this offensive

This is not even science, as you have no testable explanations. If you wanna make videos explaining your beliefs, at least don't say it's science. You are claiming crystals to be:
-beautiful (it actually depends on who or what's perceiving them)
-powerful (you've got no proof they are powerful in any way)
-life (then, what's life? in the modern concept of life crystals don't actually do any biological process like reproduction)

Sorry for my shitty english, but I think I made my point.

I have never written a negative review before:

Usually I say positive things to people even if I don't like their flash, but the word science does not belong in this flash at all. Sure there is room for the metaphysical but if you cannot measure it test it, its not science. Of course I do not think this review is going to change your mind, since you went and wrote a whole series on it, but I do caution viewers to just view this as a pseudo science and not really science. My suggestion for improvement would be to show how this was debunked by others in the scientific community, because really if this was all that great we would have all had these crystals in our homes by now. The scientific community (which includes the medical community) has not embraced this.


Still not a believer, but I liked the parables so much I decided to follow you.

One question came to mind after watching the video. Assuming crystals are living entities. Why would they all follow the same thought patterns? We all have basically the same hardwired brain, but different consciousness in each individual. It sounds like if energy moves through a crystal, there is no proof they all think the same way.

In other ways, why should two rubies act alike?


I've been to college and ive studied some of the more advanced sciences and i know about alot of the theories you've used to back your beleif, and i will admit there is oddly enough a solid support for each one if you view wit as a whole. even when broken down and analysed bit by bit, which is helped by thee sources you so devotely provide :) .
Ordinarily i might disagree wit alot of what you've said, even though i did urge others to keep an open mind and just enjoy the flash in an earlier review, the fact is through my studies of pure science not religion i have arrive to roughly 1/2 to 2/3 the same conclusions you have form a technical aspect. Even the point of questioning teachers and supposed experts on this subject especially concerning the natural vibrations of the world knowing that all of our base particles resonate at a certain frequency, when asked what would happen if they were lowered or raised the teacher had not a single idea.
Over all this is an insightful series I have been watching form beginign to the present and even if you aren't perfectly right i so believe there are quite a few truths in your words.
i would say you might make a beiliever out of me yet but your not aiming to make beleifs your aiming to spread understaning ;)

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holy cr@p, it's true

While watching this, i remembered i had a tiger eye at home, it always kinda felt like a kind of lucky charm, while i didn't know anything about it. I also somhow felt more energetic while carrying it around.

But about the begining of this episode: yup. Crystals are the escence of life. Somehow, directly or indirectly, life comes from the minarals of these crystals. I mean, where do plants get their nutriants from?

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