Revenge of the Laser Gang

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Part of the Tales of the Renegade Sector episodic series. The Captain is after maps that could lead him to Laserbeard's treasure, when the Laser Gang decides it's time to take their revenge.

WASD - Move
Mouse - Aim/Shoot
Arrow Keys - Alt. Shoot
Space - Inventory
Shift - Run
E - Interact
Q/Scroll Wheel - Switch Weapon
M - Mute

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Alright Game


The graphics look fine. I can't help but notice they tiles ripped from an NES game. If they're not, then you're a good 8-bit pixel artist, assuming you made the art yourself, that is. (:

The music was extremely annoying. You have a mute option, but I'd like to mute the music and keep the sound effects, instead of muting everything.

Movement is too slow. You have a run, which introduces another key to use, being Shift, which is awkward. I know I'm not the only one having difficulty holding this key while trying to move with WASD keys. If I use the right-shift key, then I have to take my hand off the mouse, so I can't aim. Drop the Shift to run altogether, and consider replacing it by allowing your player to double-tap a movement key to run. Or you could just include both ways of running. It's just another key that gets in the way.

To add insult to injury, there's a stamina for running. _On top of that_, I can't run if it's recharging, even if I have stamina left.

The battle system isn't too bad, but the game tends to run a bit slow. I'm not sure if it's a performance aspect or this is by design. I think your genre is a bit misleading. You have "Action - Shooter - Multidirectional", but it's way too slow to be an action game. This is more like an RPG.

- Ziro out.

malec2b responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Also, I made the art myself, so thanks.

Also, I switched the genre to Adventure-Other. I really wish there was an Action-Adventure category...

Great game!but one problem

The movement is sorta slow.I'm not sure if it is my computer,but if it isn't,then you should make it a bit faster.

The music is okay,but I wouldn't put it with my favorites.
Still,This is pretty much the only good game I've seen that is submitted by a user who isn't that famous.

I gave you a 4/5.

No Critisism

I find it hard to critisise this, its well done, and well programmed. It's a pity its episodic as I played this before the others, but from what I can see it looks great. I'd of liked a background readup, if thats what you could call it at the beginning, but still, no fuss!

It was lacking in appeal.

The dialogue is decent, but the monotonous gameplay left me with no desire to continue playing.

Credits & Info

3.97 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2012
12:53 PM EST
Adventure - Other