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It requires Strategy, Precision and Concentration, to master the skills of Blockodo, Buy upgrades, shoot down hundreds of enemies, can you beat all 100 waves?


Alright Game needs some Work


Graphics are too simple. I recommend one o fthe following:
1) Learn how to draw;
2) Collaborate with an artist
3) Find suitable FREE art on the internet, don't use ripped sprites from commercial games

Same goes with sound effects. You can barely hear your turret shooting, and the sound it makes when you hit something isn't all that engaging.

On the level select, there is no point in showing the entire level grid, if you can't select previous levels to play. This may come in handy, say if the player wanted to farm a bit to get stronger, as as the gold gains per level don't seem all that encouraging.

Consider awarding bonus Gold when clearing a level depending on the player's performance. Some quick ones that come to mind are passing the wave
- without taking any damage;bonus awarded if your hit accuracy exceeds a certain percentage;
- with a certain accuracy to shots fired to enemies hit
- clearing wave in a certain time.

One thing I do like is that you don't have to worry about ammo, sometimes, it takes me many tries to finally hit a square with these tiny bullets. However, it does get a little easier when you buy the Bullet Spread.

I think the biggest challenge to your design is that it's not very engaging in the beginning. The tiny bullets will be a turn off to some, despite the power up (that costs 500, and the player can't get this anytime soon, by the way). It needs an edge to bring the player in more. I'd also consider introducing new enemies quicker, and don't 10 waves with the same ol' enemy.

- Ziro out.


This may be one of the more simple games i have seen but its addicting...

it's just a good concept

I think this would be better with music and auot-save, because I was really disappointed when my progress was lost

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Nothing too new or interesting. :/

The idea was decent but the graphics and background aren't exciting. The game was quite repetitive at the start and nothing too exciting came into play. A more direct tutorial and a more exciting graphics would appeal to more people.
The game also had a very small amount of upgrades and a long time for it to get fun, but was still quite a good idea

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2.95 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2012
11:24 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed