Toons These Days: Ep. 3

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The last of the three pilot episodes, with hopefully more on the way.

I wanted to change it up this time and have Doggy do something during the review. Probably won't do is again, maybe just have him stay in a set location.

My personal opinion on Adventure Time: it can be pretty fun to watch sometimes, but more often than not I find it either boring, or a little too bizarre.



.... i like adventure time but it was still pretty funny

Man this and the my little pny one's are awsome. I dont like or hate MLP, bu tI loathe adventure time. Poor jokes, no tstructure, animation sucks, art is lazy, unimaginative, it looks like they drew it with crayons in a dark corner.

I prefer loony toons, tom and jerry, ed edd n eddy, old Disney shorts, and Samurai jack. Samurai jack has decent animation but its design andvisualization with art style was beautiful. Adventure time is just a fuckin mess!

Oh big whoop, he said not the sexy kind of hot... thats sooo funny because its a boy on a little kids show... Seriously thats why it got popular, thats the joke everyone tried to tell me to suck me into it. I watched it, and I wish I could get those minutes of my life back.

Worst, cartoon, in history. Writing, Art, animation, style, characters, character development, plot, story... Everything sucks! It takes form all the popular disney stuff and what was popular at the time and just mashes em up... Like if you have dinner and its green beans, mash tatoes, candy, pocky, and Vicodin and mashed it all together... Just because its random doesnt mean its funny people... The early spongebob's had more class that this... Atleast thier backgrounds where actually drawn...

dont think ill watch that show anytime soon maybe ill watch it tomorow

This old cartoon charcter is so wise i totally agree with em

I liked this one a little more than I did the second, this was largely down to it being a little longer than the last two, or at least it seemed that way to me as he made a few more points this time around. Having a lot going on while he was ranting was an interesting change and I really liked the way a few of the locations were drawn. I think that it might have been a bit too much though. Obviously too much stillness is a bad thing, but I think that you should be focusing the animation in other areas. As I said in my reviews for the first two, I think that there should be self-animated clips of the cartoons he's ranting about. This would be considerably better than the still images you're currently using and would allow you to get away with not having much animation in the scenes showing the dog ranting. Of course it would be better if there was a little animation in these scenes as well, much like you did in the second.

The voice quality seemed good enough again. However, the voice seemed a little huskier than it did in the second and there were a few times where I had no idea what the dog was saying. I think that subtitles are the only option here as you wouldn't want to change the character's voice three episodes in. It suits the character quite well actually. It's as though his husky voice is a result of his constant ranting!

A couple of minor things I thought needed improving upon. The walk cycle as he was walking back with the snowboard tucked underneath his arm looked a little odd. It might have been down to his overly large feet, but I can't be certain. There was also a light blue line at the bottom of the screen during the armchair scene that should be removed.

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Jan 9, 2012
9:53 AM EST
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