Toons These Days: Ep. 3

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The last of the three pilot episodes, with hopefully more on the way.

I wanted to change it up this time and have Doggy do something during the review. Probably won't do is again, maybe just have him stay in a set location.

My personal opinion on Adventure Time: it can be pretty fun to watch sometimes, but more often than not I find it either boring, or a little too bizarre.



it was funny but i had 0 idea wtf he was talking about i had to read the author comment and use google to figure out what the show was

fuck you. that show is good. it's among the better programs on tv nowadays and the characters are all thoughtfully imagined and the animation is great. i don't think a show with colors is bad at all, it makes it more visually entertaining. and it's actually got a pretty interesting back story, the land of ooo is a post-nuclear apocalyptic earth as result of what the characters refer to as, "the great mushroom war". afterwards, magic returned to the lands (radiation altered nature and the world to it's ridiculous appearance portrayed by the show). and ice king also has quite the story behind his character as well. he was a successful scientist that went by the name of, simon petrikof. in his latest studies he purchased an enchanted crown said to hold the power of an ancient ice magic. late one night when he was spending time with his betrothed, betty, he jokingly placed the crown upon his head only to experience frightening hallucinations, he had no recollection of what he had done but his fiancee wouldn't speak to him and the marriage was called off. he began to experiment with the crown and slowly starts to fall deeper and deeper into a well of insanity. "the crown, it whispers to me the secrets of the ice and snow" he would soon say. the crown would soon completely take him over and he knew that, he just asked that whatever he would do from then on that people please forgive him if he should ever return to normal. he also pleaded in one of his last video logs that they just stand him long enough to escape the maze inside of his head that he's lost in. the crown actually makes him immortal and he survives the nuclear apocalypse, as well as severely altering his appearance and health: blue skin, unnaturally fast growing beard, the loss of pigment in his hair, and subzero body temperatures. he captures princesses because he longs for the love he once had with his beloved, betty. if you can't see why this show is as creative, artistic, and awesome as it gets for modern programming you need to get your head checked. i get the feeling you watched one show and was to bias to appreciate the show. i used to actually think that maybe these were worth watching but i guess i thought wrong.

stop watching cartoons your a grown man you creep!

i admit i am a litle old for cartoons but this show was pretty good to me granted i still look fondly back at the great cartoons from when i was a kid but the show has a different fan base than the one's i used to watch mostly due to the internet cartoons now have to compete with youtube and newgrounds for kids and teens interests and adventure time is one of there best weapons. granted i do enjoy this critical look at the show

I love watching the show, but that was so funny!

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Jan 9, 2012
9:53 AM EST
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