Toons These Days: Ep. 3

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The last of the three pilot episodes, with hopefully more on the way.

I wanted to change it up this time and have Doggy do something during the review. Probably won't do is again, maybe just have him stay in a set location.

My personal opinion on Adventure Time: it can be pretty fun to watch sometimes, but more often than not I find it either boring, or a little too bizarre.



Kinda ironic

Considering Adventure Time is one of the "better" shows on Cartoon Network. If he saw Almost Naked Animals, he'd have an ulcer.

I understand what you mean

I think adventure time is not a awful show but no where near the classics like courage the cowardly dog, the original yugioh, invader zim, draginball z etc.

What really bothers me is how cartoon network does not only show cartoons anymore *_*.

Nice job on the animation.

that cartoon is complete crap!

I just don't see what the generation of kids see in that crap! I'm pretty open to trying out new cartoons as an adult and that cartoon is just dump every time I watch, there is no way to acquire the taste for it man, not even on fucking pot!

So very true.

Very true, cartoons these days are nothing like they used to be.
Cartoon Network, especially.
It got so childish once my generation had grown up.
We used to have such good cartoons!
Dragonball Z, Cow and Chicken, Dexters Lab, Ed Edd n Eddy etc
Now it's crap like that...
It makes no sense, there is no true story, just random characters with high pitched voices and over exaggerated emotions.

But changing the topic to your animation.
I kind of liked Doggy moving around, made it seem a little less boring and interesting to be honest...

i know what you mean.

they tend to not be able to create anything genius after a long time it every show put together looks like clones of each other. if you want to see what real cartoons are like try the ren and stimpy show dragonball sailormoon angry beavers if you want older try popeye and bettyboop.

now about your animation it is brilliant and deserves praise
The Background was right the voice was nice your rant was decently humorous
everything else was nicely done Great job and don't stop improving.

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Jan 9, 2012
9:53 AM EST
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