Time to "Waist"

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Hey guys! This is my first flash short I've done in almost a year.

This is kind of based on a true story.

Thanks to Noah "Lefthandsock" Scammon for the additional voices.

Note: Subtitles are in here because on youtube, I had a lot of people say they had a hard time understanding me.

EDIT: Wow, thank you for the front page! :)

Subscribe to my youtube channel! http://www.youtube.com/us er/Nalem


I appear to be having the opposite problem.

The scale says I have the same weight, but my clothes were getting smaller... Anyway, funny flash, I like your style. I don't normally go for 'shorts', but you may change my mind on that.

Yes, this is delicious!

Perfect animation and voice acting. Although they don't seem to need to lose any weight x3

That's pretty damned funny.

It's been a while since you submitted anything new, and I think you redeemed yourself after that NiN10doh 64th Power clusterfuck. Now, lets get started...

Graphics: You did a great job on the animation, and it shows that you came a long way since your Zelda skits. Plus, I like how you animated the pants and the expression at the end.
Sound: The sound effects were well chosen, the music fitting, and the voice work was good. Plus, it was nice of Noah & Kevin to help you out with this. That and the inclusion of subtitles, which was a wise decision on your behalf.
Content: People may bitch about the length, but not everything needs to be like Keegan's Truck Chronicles Episode 1 in size and scale. To be honest, I thought this was pretty funny for something this short. In addition, it was original like that flash by Wooden Sneakers that I previously reviewed.

-Good voice acting and sounds
-Great animation for something short
-Small filesize

-Not everyone will appreciate the length.

Overall: Nalem, I think a ten from me would suffice, and hopefully you won't end up like some people who screwed the pooch years ago.

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I love these kind of shorts.
It's great!

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talking pants and nakedness

thats the recipe of success

as well as carefully done framy by frame animation and skills and expertise


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Jan 8, 2012
9:42 PM EST
Comedy - Original