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Sonic VS Meta Knight P3

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Hey guys, sorry this one took so long.
The honest truth is, I got bored of making this at about 80% completion and was in the middle of animator's block. I did finish it over the last two days. This is my longest flash yet, and I made far more of an effort with it. It's cleaner, smoother, and fancier than ever (I hope)!

For the record, I know that the end is a cheap cop-out and that it's kind of dumb. I wanted to have a little comedy thrown in at the end, just for the sake of comedy.

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Oh, hello, James. I am now stalking you on here. Yes. It is Lizzie. That is all.

I'm rating it high because I can. I HAVE THE POWA!

Hey James

Hey man, for some reason I appreciate this. I know how it feels to get dry on your own creations, but at least you wanted to continue it on. Thankfully you have admitted that the conclusion is a little weak, however prior to that I liked the whole text story thing you had going on which in my experience, is relatively new.

Your flash sequences are impressive, especially the idea of the chaos ability, however there are a few non sequitors within the flash, such as sonics sudden appearance, or perhaps thats just my opinion. Anyhow, you'd be reliable within a collab on kirby or something to that effect, I just say that next time, try to incorparate an element of impressive finality, your going to be seriously penalised for your ending.

Anyways, you've got my somewhat merciful vote; 5/10, 4/5. I'm not usually that generous either,if you look at my reviews. I do however sympathise and (unlike prior reviews) wish you the best assurances within your future submissions.

GuitarKirby responds:

Thanks, tt. Way to generous in your voting, thanks for that. I'm glad you liked the text story work. This was more experimental than my other three works, and I wanted to get a little feedback on what did/didn't work. I'm glad you're able to give me some direct "x was good, y was bad, z was alright and could have been improved through a, b, or c." Very helpful as always.

That's some serious writers block

Concept: third installment of Sonic Vs meta knight.

Aesthetic: The characters are sprites but some of them seem like they do poses they don't do in their respective games, so if there's some of your work in the stances of these characters forgive me I can't identify them as I'm somewhat ignorant toward rating sprites. Special effects were good i like the wall damage from the hill where kirby was kicked into and the special effect of shadows power being copied into kirby.


It was adequate, it's a little slow at times like when shadow was charging his chaos spear after kicking Kirby into the wall. Another slow moment was when sonic and meta knight were clashing all over the place. Also that style of fighting is somewhat lazy considering it was the the majority of the fight. Nothing wrong with copying DBZ's style but when the focus is one aspect of the fighting style. the action comes off as uninspired.

Actual fast paced animation of the characters fighting with their fist and feet would've been way better, and would make more sense considering both characters are stupid-fast. It may have been out of your technical capabilities but improving them further would make a greater impact on this flashes reception.

Also what was up with the random nyan cat reference it wasn't funny or relevant to the mood of the flash's story which seems to be in a serious tone. There's virtually 1,001 ways you could've ended this better. Nothing wrong with humor in an action flash but throwing in a meme and assuming everyone can level and understand why it's humorous is just a poor and obviously forced attempt at comedy, pretty noticeable where the writers block started coming in.

Overall: Continue practicing and know what kind of genre of flash you want to make. If you lack motivation take a break and come back to it when you feel that spark again. As you see projects turn out a lot worse when you try and force yourself to make art then waiting a few months for that spark of inspiration to resurface.


GuitarKirby responds:

Thanks very much. I'm glad to see you took a constructive approach to this rather than just screaming how terrible it was without actual help. All of this is true, of course, and the Nyan reference was something I did for fun. It wasn't a forced attempt at comedy, but I can see where it would come off that way.

Wh... What?!

The animation is pretty horrible, the whole story board is confusing, and random nyan cats in sonic videos? This flash does have some pretty good fighting scenes on it, but does every character HAVE to have the ability to pause time? I seriously don't think that is such a great idea...

You need improvement with your sprite craftsmanship, because they tend to teleport from one point, to another a couple of cementers away from where they last were...

I don't like where this series is going (And this is my first time viewing a video from it), and I don't want to figure out where it will go next...

GuitarKirby responds:

Thanks for your review! Don't worry, series is over.
As for every character being able to stop time, I'd like to point something out. Kirby had gained Shadow's ability, and Meta-Knight was powered by Chaos Emeralds. We all know that Super Sonic can use Chaos Control. Other than that, I'm glad to take any and all advice, even if I don't like what I hear.