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World of pokecraft

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Hey fellow Newgrounders! I made a Parody of the expansion trailer from World of Warcaft "Mists of Pandaria. This trailer has gained lots of hate. Wow would feature in the next expansion a "pet battle system", which many refer to Pokémon and a lot of pandas. I don't think you get this spoof if you are not familiar with the current World of Warcraft. I put a lot of effort in it, because i had many problems with the file size and other crap. And oh yeah, the audio belongs to Blizzard. I hope you enjoy and thank you for watching!

p.s- I'm looking forward the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

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It's the best movie i've ever seen in Newgrounds except for that one called Flowerman.


I can't breathe. This was really well done, and idk why they said something about the voices... I heard them just fine... Hahah

Nicely well done. :)

Rafiles responds:

Thank you! :D

Pretty nice

The biggest thing that needed work was the voices, it was very hard to understand what everyone was saying. But at least with the animation, you still knew what was going on. Other than the animation being a bit choppy here and there, it was pretty smooth overall.

I was a bit lost as to what was going on in the first half of the video, but by the time you got to the pokemon battle, it got much better. That was the best part, pretty funny.

Those who play WoW will definitely like this, it expresses how we're all feeling about Pandaria. Other than needing some voice work and a touch up here and there with the animation, it was nice. Great work!

Really enjoable.

The animation needs a little more work on, and the voice need to be more clear, it was pretty hard to hear, but overall, i enjoyed every second. I loved it.

El. Oh. Fucking. El.

As an on/off 3yr Wow vet, I can't explain how damn hilarious this is! Non wow-savvy peeps probably won't catch most of the humor (and my lack of savvy-ness to pokemon almost costed me the solar beam bit) but this is great =)
I will say some of the animations are rather choppy though, so this could have used a touch-up or two. Otherwise, good shit. Cheers!