Cooking Ninja

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So I wanted to try a spin on the match-3 type of game, using slicing instead of matching to make the gameplay mechanic work. In this game the player has to slice the food using the mouse - click on the first piece of food you want to slice and then drag the mouse in the direction of the food to slice. You can slice any number of pieces, from two to eight - the bigger the slice group the more points you get, obviously.
Speed and slicing groups earns you combo multipliers for the highest score possible. Good luck!


Good but

Game is sooo glitchy and amount of time is SO small. I'd like to increase amount when i do good combo you know x2 +2 sec, x3 +3 sec and so on.

nick1972uk responds:

Thanks for the comments. I've updated the version so you now get time increasers if you are quick.
As for the glitches, which a few people have said, I'm not sure how to fix it as there doesn't seem to be anything in the code that would make it not work. I'll keep looking, though.

Cooking Ninja

Cooking Ninja is actually a pretty decent game.
One huge problem is when i DO click on the fruit and slide it sometimes it doesn't work.
Causing a little irritation.
Fruit Ninja is a very fun game and think the spin you added to this game worked out decently.
Not the best game around,but it is still a good game.

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nick1972uk responds:

I believe I've now fixed the glitch problem. If you're playing v1.08 or higher (the version number is on the Cooking Ninja's apron at the start screen) it should be fixed. Thanks!

Not Really That Great

This game is a little glitchy, it's a neat idea, but doesn't add much from the boring match-3 games. This art is cute, and this music is nice, but this game doesn't have a lot of substance. It needs more work to say the least. Maybe a menu? I'm not exactly sure what it needs, but this game does need work.


It's not the best. I mean, it works, but not a whole lot beyond that. You can do more than this, please. Make something incredible! Blow our minds!

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3.14 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2012
4:31 AM EST
Puzzles - Falling