Legendary Hero

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Dragonlord named Nashrul is on the way to bring back the knive that he borrowed for fighting the darkness. but in the forest towards darkville something block him, and that.....

Update (07/01/2012) ------

Some bug has been fixed

Update (23/01/2012)...
Grammar is fix
Game control has been renewed

Update (03/02/2012).......
bug is fix
the bar hp and mp is fix


The controls need work, and fix the spelling mistakes. Include more content and better graphics.

A couple of things

I spammed the magic even when it was around 0, and it kept on going. It got into the negative, but it kept on being able to be used. That's something you might want to look into.

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crs05 responds:

Thanks for the comment, i will fix that problem for this game soon. more story can add soon

Ok, but...

There are a few things that take away from my enjoyment of the game. First, the fact the "technic" attack is the alt key. This makes the internet browser bring up the "file" menu at the top of the screen, sometimes freezing the game. Second, there are still some glitches, especially with the boss battle. Once, I ended up with a skeleton that wouldn't die, so I had to jump over it. The lag on the boss battle is horrible, withing the first few seconds, I realized that my character was several moves behind the buttons I was pressing, and was actually facing the wrong way (although my attacks were still hitting the skeleton). One other annoyance was that the grammar was so bad, that I had trouble following the story. If you fix these three problems, this game would get a 7 from me, and if you added a few more levels, enemies, etc, I'd give you a 9. As it is, I give this only a 4.

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crs05 responds:

thanks you, i can fix that, but i not want to add more level for this part,

More work

This game seems like it could be good, but I ran into some major problems. First off, the controls seem a little slow and clunky. Also, there is some pretty bad misspelling which definitely takes away from the game. Finally, I got to the boss and glitched him off screen, which kept it from coming back. Fix these and this game would be much, much better :)

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Legendary Hero

Legendary Hero isn't very good.
For starters i started off with no health,which was rather annoying due to the fact i didn't really have a chance of winning any fights.
Legendary Hero just doesn't play out as it should.

crs05 responds:

what you mean with no health? dragonlord first lvl has 100 health and 250 health in battle with miniboss

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2.42 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2012
2:54 AM EST
Adventure - RPG