Simple Coloring in Flash

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I wanted to animate the tutorial from the get-go, but didn't have any ideas of how to make it entertaining. I had a different idea and the audio already recorded (basic spoken instructions with some bad jokes thrown in) but I hated it. Anywho, on the way home from work, nothing was on the radio, so I started playing with the "I am T-pain" app on my iphone, picked the "bartender" track and improvised the audio in this Flash. After that I just did some [very] limited animation with the screenshots I had for the text version of the tutorial that got scrapped.

tl;dr version: I freestyled the song in the car and drew pictures to it.


Link in the description?

Where is it? Nice technique, by the way. However, your animation lacked fluidity at some points and the song is...a bit wierd XD but it made me smile.

Figured this out a while ago

But it is definitely the best way. Just so everyone knows, double clicking the red lines will select groups of them faster.

Very Helpful

To be honest that was an interesting way to teach someone to shade in their colors. Atleast I learned how to do so.

I think you did a great job with the drawings and all. But the song was a bit annoying especially with the autotune since it doesn't help at all. But I will give you credit for being creative and original with teaching someone to draw and color.

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It certinatly helped

I didn't know shading was that simple, thanks!

The song wasn't the best, but it fitted with the animation rather well.
Well done with this!


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this made me lol so hardly XD

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Jan 6, 2012
9:44 PM EST