Simple Coloring in Flash

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I wanted to animate the tutorial from the get-go, but didn't have any ideas of how to make it entertaining. I had a different idea and the audio already recorded (basic spoken instructions with some bad jokes thrown in) but I hated it. Anywho, on the way home from work, nothing was on the radio, so I started playing with the "I am T-pain" app on my iphone, picked the "bartender" track and improvised the audio in this Flash. After that I just did some [very] limited animation with the screenshots I had for the text version of the tutorial that got scrapped.

tl;dr version: I freestyled the song in the car and drew pictures to it.


the hell?

thats just silly and complicated. espacily for animation...are you expect to all this bullshit for every single frame?? maybe thats helpfull for an artwork. but not animation. thers just a very easy way draw lines. fill them with coloring. take brush tool make it so that it draws under lines. then take a darker colore of the color you brush tooles on it. and colore it. everything in 1 layer. and it will take only like 5 or10 minutes time. not all this complicated things...

thats what I think


That was amazing!!
good job :P

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You've made a new fantastic creation!

You've made the first tutorial that actually helped me! This was so helpful! Thanks for the amazing help and the awesome music!

Holy Smorgesboard!

Amazing is amazing! i'm gunana watch this till my eyes bleed!

That was rather screwy

I didn't know T-Pain did informational songs on flash art. Oh wait, it was just another dude with an autotuner.
But seriously, you did manage to string together a rather decent song, that was informative, useful, and accompany by good art. Hope you continue with some more of these flashes.

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Jan 6, 2012
9:44 PM EST