Simple Coloring in Flash

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I wanted to animate the tutorial from the get-go, but didn't have any ideas of how to make it entertaining. I had a different idea and the audio already recorded (basic spoken instructions with some bad jokes thrown in) but I hated it. Anywho, on the way home from work, nothing was on the radio, so I started playing with the "I am T-pain" app on my iphone, picked the "bartender" track and improvised the audio in this Flash. After that I just did some [very] limited animation with the screenshots I had for the text version of the tutorial that got scrapped.

tl;dr version: I freestyled the song in the car and drew pictures to it.


0: Cool Idea

Kool idea for a tutorial (: And nice references to adventure time :D Although if you actually wanted to teach people some stuff it wasn't that great

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9 for adventure time, 3 for legend of zelda 2 for awesome song and drawing, NOTE NO.1 Lots of people like adventure time so make more parody themes of it. NOTE NO.2 Make a red dwarf parody, with Holly and Rimmer and Lister and Kryten. Loads of people like red dwarf.

It certinatly helped

I didn't know shading was that simple, thanks!

The song wasn't the best, but it fitted with the animation rather well.
Well done with this!


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Best thing I've seen all day!

What made this cool was how well you were trying to help people. As I do not have Flash, I will probably never use it. Then again, it's the thought that counts. What really strikes me as cool is how the animation in itself is so good. I have always been a huge fan of flash, that is probably why I like "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" so much (made in Flash of course). I think you kind of look like Scott Pilgrim in this.

I'm not the biggest fan of freestyle. It would have been more enjoyable if there was more of an actual rap. I really didn't know that creating colors and shades could be so simple! It's also nice how you've even included a background story for how this came to be. It's also probably the first time I saw a TLDR in a submission description.

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Very helpful.

Always something I wondered how you do. Don't mind the guy underneath me bitching about it, I thought it was a fantastic lesson.


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Jan 6, 2012
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