Simple Coloring in Flash

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I wanted to animate the tutorial from the get-go, but didn't have any ideas of how to make it entertaining. I had a different idea and the audio already recorded (basic spoken instructions with some bad jokes thrown in) but I hated it. Anywho, on the way home from work, nothing was on the radio, so I started playing with the "I am T-pain" app on my iphone, picked the "bartender" track and improvised the audio in this Flash. After that I just did some [very] limited animation with the screenshots I had for the text version of the tutorial that got scrapped.

tl;dr version: I freestyled the song in the car and drew pictures to it.


It was okey.

As i mentioned in the summary, it was OK.

To start things of, it didn't have a preloader which almost made me shit myself when i was browsing another page and the music started ( my headset volume was kindah high though, hehe).

Since this was more of a music video and the main focus of it is the singing, i expexted some lipsyncing.

Not only that, but there wern't too many animated parts in there. Mostly still pictures that changed every few seconds. It might work to a certain degree, but i'd surely like to see a few more frames inbetween the sceenes.

The artwork was choppy in some parts, you should have focued a bit more on that considering that there wern't too many "pictures" in there.

However the music was kinda catchy. I liked it. But since flash isn't exacly built for music, the quality was pretty low.

The main idéa of the movie was great, having a tutorial ON flash shown IN flash then twisting it in a comedic way :)

In general it was an okey flash submission, the length was good, i liked the music, etcetera, etcetera..

So i'm giving this a solid 6 / 10 and a 2 / 5


very helpful since I'm planning on starting a animation soon once i figure out the plot of how the 1st ep will go XD. and easy shading technique will help me out.

maybe you should make a Preloader tutorial next and then use it in your flash XD since well i was surprised when it just started playing right away.

Too Funny and Helpful

this is soooooo funny with the singing.... But its also helpful Uh-Uh

Entertaining and helpful

That song is stuck in my head forever. =w=
Aside from that, that actually is a really clever way to shade. I never would've thought of it. :T

Entertaining indeed!

This is song is gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the weeeek, babay! uh uh!

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Jan 6, 2012
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