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Pew Cubed

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Pew Cubed has been in the works for awhile, I've put it down several times favoring other projects... But now its finally done :). This is my first Unity3D game compiled to flash... And its a relief to finally have it released and in front of people.

Got feedback? I'd love to hear it!


This was

an okay game, I mean sure there was no real, point, to what you were doing, but it was actually pretty neat, (Yeah I said neat Haters gonna Hate) anyway. The graphics were different for a flash game, the bosses weren't all that hard they just were, EXTREMELY time consuming, seriously. I don't like having a 2 minute stage and a 30 minute boss fight. The enemies were repetitive and annoying, and you got completely screwed if you accidently tapped the right mouse button. (That's just a personal issue, other than that, I thought was was pretty good. (Add an upgrade system and the game would be pretty cool.)

Not bad..but overdone

Considering that you've used a 3D engine to make this shooter; I'd assume that you had a busy time when it comes to making it; I congratulate you for that, but when it comes to the gameplay itself; for the first moments it kinda feels mediocre, though impressed by the graphics, but the gameplay felt somewhat dull, you did put some effort on the music but it did not reach to my expectations to be honest, however I did like the patterning with the enemies; how they move about in one certain point, but its like playing an N64 game that was commercially unsuccessful; it was only a 'Quality over Quantity' kind of thing, In case if you make a sequel, I hope you'd be able to make the game more appealing in playing and following in the roots of the Touhou series, sounds good; doesn't it? ;)

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Feels like painting the White House...

..With a toothbrush. I mean, You start off really fast with waves from every direction while our puny little lazors are barely useful aganist front enemies (can't decide if that's due to the huge lag i experienced or really small hitboxes), I didn't see powerups of any kind to help keepin' enemies nuber low, so the fun fell down to just dodge them the best i could, until the boss showed up, killing me so quietly with his boomerang-effect laser I didn't even notice i was taking damage, 'till i went kaboom. I checked the menu for quality settings (and resorted to right clicking the low quality, with no evident effects), dimmed lights, looked for further instructions, but I failed in each action, so i just rage-quitted.
Now, after quite some time spent with my pc, I learned not to judge too hard the games when i can't play them due to heavy lag, I know it's not your fault (well... not entirely xD), but putting that aside i couldn't find, let's say, nothing too new or interesting in terms of gaming, just good graphics and stuff...
So, to shut me up: some lag-control settings will help uor rusty pc to run properly, any kind of evolution system (power ups, leveling up, buying, whatever does) would give some crunch to the blasting, and.... i think i'm done.
I feel somewhat sorry for a mere 6, i look forward to give you more on your next submission!

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BryceSummer responds:

I appreciate your opinion! I'll see what I can do in the way of quality settings, no guarantees though... I'm not sure if there's much I could add for optimization on slower machines.


10/10 for the graphics, 1/10 for the idea. You should really try Art, cause the game is "nothing new or interesting" but the spaceships look awsome!

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the game is ok but i cant even get past the first level though its 2 miunets long and the boss is over powered the graphics good but the gameplay isnt sorry 2.5 stars from me

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2.78 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2012
6:33 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight