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Author Comments

how to kill two birds with one stone, a guide to killing fowl with limited resources
this is my first flash and it's a simple idea i had. hopefully everything after this will be much better and more well put together.


Interesting Flash submission :o

But none of the birds really got killed here did they?

The presentation of this "Guide" was pretty well put together, and the different ways to kill the birds with one stone were kinda entertaining. The Colors and visual presentation were actually pretty nice, I really enjoyed the music, and I got the point.

What this seems to lacking is intensive detail, and project planning; This project definitely got the point across, but I think you could have put a little more effort forth as far as length, and detail go.

Not a horrible flash, but not an amazing one either

-Review Request Club-

evanarmagast responds:

thank you for the review

No death?

Well this was pretty nice as far as animating goes and the preloader was rather nice and simple, would be funny if you had added some fun dance music to it for a comical effect. However if this is killing birds then I feel there should have been blood added to it rather than skipping them dying.

As said earlier the preloader was nice and humorous.

The animations seemed to be pretty mediocre for the first and third death as nothing happened aside from the birds chirping and blinking. The second one had a bit more effort it seems but it cuts out right before the double death scene which could have been good to see and allow people to see some blood.

The audio chosen wasn't too bad and was rather enjoyable and calm despite what was going to happen to the birds.

Overall, could have been a bit longer and allowed users to see some blood and violence here rather than skipping out on them.

Review Request Club

evanarmagast responds:

yeah, i mentioned in the review before this one that i would consider a happy tree friends style. but for this animation a goal was to give it a childish feel and i feel that blood and gore would have kind of warped that. thanks for the review.


I think that there was something in there that I wanted to see you do, but never got the chance to see it. With the type of flash cartoons you see on Newgrounds these days, you tend to expect the violence, the blood, gore and all the trimmings, to shock, possibly even to offend, but at worst, to showcase the artist's ability. Here, we see your drawing skills and a limited expose on your ability to animate:

Taking the birds as they are, with various themes of having both of them killed by one stone, you need to take it one stop further and actually animate the consequences of them getting hit by the stone. You could play dodgeball with them and have one die, before picking up the stone and trying again. There is a lot of scope for the plot of this and stopping at three occurrences just seems to be selling you a little short, in all honesty.

Good potential with the piece all told and I love the way that you've made the preloader - I'd perhaps consider a lorry delivering stones to the set and one bird writing up a long number of takes on a clapper board, though that's just my sense of occasion.

[Review Request Club]

evanarmagast responds:

something about animating the cute birds brutally destroying each other seemed warped to me. like, it would ruin the whole lighthearted sense of it. i personally felt that showing everything but kind of gave it a sense that it was a kids cartoon. although, i guess i could take a happy tree friends approach. completely brutal murders of adorable woodland creatures by other adorable woodland creatures. they may be a sequel idea now, thank you for your input and for the review.

Pretty good

I was immediately surprised by the nice preloader. Although the birds are drawn pretty simple, it's still nice to have. Way better than you usually see.

The music was a nice choice. It's nice for a guide, which I think you kind of wanted to make. I'm surprised how you found it, since it isn't a very popular song.
The music stopped when you press the replay button though. A small thing you might want to get fixed.

The graphics aren't stunning or anything, but sufficient. At least there was some movement in each of the three scenes. It wasn't enough to keep me interested though.

The ideas of the scenes are nice. They are clear, and not unoriginal. Three scenes isn't a lot though. Some more scenes would make it better.

The only thing that disappointed me a bit was the ending. It was very short, and just a grey screen with some text.

Overall there are not things that are bad about this flash, but also it's not spectacular enough to stand out from the crowd. A bit slow, but still nicely drawn.

Review request club.

evanarmagast responds:

thank you for the review. yeah, i put a lot of effort into the preloader. i'm still not sure why. i think simply because drawing the stage was more fun than drawing much of anything else. something i'll have to keep in mind for future animations. as far as the music goes, i've been a fan of catacombkid for a while now. i figured his smooth, ambient-almost electronic would be best suited. i did look around the audio portal briefly, but no one had the feel that i was looking for. and yes, i noticed the music/replay situation, but i couldn't honestly see people clicking the replay button so i didn't worry about it too much, and you being the only person to mention it makes me feel like i was right. and as far as the blank ending goes, that shouldn't be a problem in the future. i figured i would use those end frames as showcases for my other animations, but since this was my first, that wasn't really an option.

Not too bad for a first submission

Since this is your first submission it's just natural that there are many flaws to this submission, but even the greatest artists on this site had to start at this level at one point in their carreer.

I like that you converted a little idea into a flash, using a basic sort of script and presenting this idea here on newgrounds. You didn't take the easy way out by just submitting another pointless stick fight movie.

The graphcis are decent, but your backgrounds leave a lot to be desired. Most of the time they where simply plain white, which isn't that appealing to look at.
However, the birds where drawn in a pretty nice way.

I could go on about every tiny detail in this submission, but I guess you know best that you still need more practice to create something really mindblowing.

But instead of rambling on I would like to point out that you also have to work on the pace of a story. Here the pace is too slow for my liking. The scenes dragged on for a pretty long time, considering that there isn't that much to see in each scene anyway. Maybe try to speed up the movie a little bit and then add some more ideas of how you could kill two birds with one stone (a short idea that pops into my head: have one bird press down the gas pedal of a car with a stone and the car drives over two other birds lying on the street).

Also, the sentence "No birds where hardem ..." was "cut off" at the end, meaning that it appeared and before I could even finish reading it the end screen appeared.

So, overall this isn't a bad submission. Considering that this is your first submission it is pretty good, even. Things to work on are your drawing and animation skills and the script writing or pacing of a story.

Hope to see more from you soon!

{ Review Request Club }

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evanarmagast responds:

let me start off by saying, thank you for the review. i definitely noticed the lack of backgrounds. i was considering it for a long time, but i honestly felt it wasn't exactly worth the effort. i mean, it was a very simple concept and i felt like backgrounds would take longer than the rest of the animation. but i've already started working on my next animation complete with full backgrounds. haha. and yeah, pace seems to be my main problem. i mentioned in a previous review response that i tested out making it faster, but that just made it seem like it was too short. i feel the compromise would have been doing a better job of making the birds more animated and amusing. alternatively, maybe i should have just come up with more ideas than just three. haha. lastly, the "no birds were harmed" was supposed to be kinda fast. it seemed right in my head, but i still probably made it too fast. thank you again for the review. look for new stuff coming up soon.

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Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2012
1:41 AM EST
Comedy - Original