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Trap World

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Do you have what it takes to escape from Trap World?

Rate and Comment Plz thanks for playing

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it's hard, but great game


This Is a fun game. Well done! I really like it!

Half-decent, but needs improvement.

First of all, the graphics need some work. They weren't terrible, but some things weren't drawn very well or were simply too basic.

My biggest problem with this game was the control scheme. I realize there are plenty of mouse avoiders out there and that you probably wanted to be more original, but I honestly think it would have actually worked better if you just had the ball in the exact position of the cursor rather than having it move in the direction of the cursor at a somewhat slow pace. It just didn't work well for me.

I also noticed a problem with the boss levels. Whenever you die and reset the level, the boss would be in the same position is was in when you died (relative to the ball, not the level.) Since the boss is slower than the ball, I was able to use this as a means of cheating. I could move in one direction for a while until the boss was off screen and die, then repeat a few times until the boss was far away enough that I could just sit in one position for the duration of the time limit and win the level effortlessly. To prevent future cheating, you might want to fix this by having the boss reset in the same position after every death just like the ball.

Overall, the concept isn't exactly original, but there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Decent idea with poor execution

game has some good ideas but ends up being just another amateurish mouse follower