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Thanks for daily 2nd and Front Page!!! Btw, I say 'HAHA' a lot in my review replies, so don't worry about it... haha.


Just a little thing that I made for Ricepirate celebrating one year of his newgrounds hit 'Dot Dot Dot'.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it... and to those who think it doesn't make sense... it doesn't, it's just a bunch of reviews from dot dot dot animated... you know what, just watch the darn thing and you should get the point in the intro.

Happy new years everyone!

Arteest: SketchyEntertainment
Vooice Arctor: Kpheeyat
Menu Moosic: Bafana
Intro Moosic: Carl Orffs O' Fortuna
Background Moosic: NemesisTheory
Deadicarted two: Rice Pirate


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heheheheheheehehehhahhaahahahhehehehe hhhahahaha

This isn't nearly as funny, because it's not as cohesive as Dot Dot Dot, nor is it as... well, funny. Also, the typography could use some work; there were some portions where it could be improved and some portions where it simply looked juvenile or hastily put together.

Otherwise, however, I enjoyed this movie (specifically because it happens to be entitled Dot Dot Square: A Movie of a Voice Track of a Bunch of Reviews of a Movie of a Voice Track of a Review of a Game).

Very nice. Keep it up!

Brilliant kinetic typography of the reviews!

I Laffed so hard... I Larfed! But seriously though man, this is really well made, Good voices and animation. Nice job!

this review was insainly well resived.

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4.29 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2012
9:09 PM EST
Comedy - Parody