Cardinal Quest

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An arcade-style dungeon-crawler inspired by 1980s classics such as Gauntlet, Rogue & Red-Box D&D: Choose your champion and begin your quest to slay the Evil Minotaur!

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move, enter to wait a turn or go down the stairs, and the mouse to cast spells or access your inventory, map & character screens.

To attack simply walk into monsters.



OK i did beat the game as a rogue and have to say it's pretty damn hard.
But not to hard, it's challeging with some balance flaws.
Money seems pretty useless to me, make it that you can buy (expensive) potions or gain an extra life when hitting 50 or so..
Random spells are alright but some are so powerful (Charm, multi Fireball/Sneak) that spells like Freeze, Bless Weapon and Stoneskin loose their value.
Also you should check the item switch system because often my weapon was exchanged for a worse version of another one just because of ONE statpoint.
And as the last point i would like to see bosses for every level. The minotaur at the end was very very disappointing but it would be cool to have something like that for every level of the dungeon (maybe in a special room so he doesn't charge at you all of the sudden).

Some tips for other rogues:
- In the elemental stage use Stealth before open doors so they don't shoot you at sight.
- Survival is crucial so use skills like Stealth, Charm, Decoy, etc. to run away if you enter a room with multiple monsters. Luring them out is way easier than facing them directly.
- Backstabbing enemies is powerful but later enemies like werewolves or minotaurs are very strong so using Charm to let them fight against each other works better.
- The last "boss" is way to strong, even for sneak attacks since his counterstrikes will kill you at low health. Do it the simple way:
ummon a Decoy, use Sleep on the boss and let your copy do the work. It takes some time but he will fall.

Sry for possible spelling mistakes

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unbalanced, ending is a bit of a letdown

Nice retro game.

The different characters don't seem balanced - wizard starting with fireball, then getting a couple more incapacitating spells to go with it and you're good for the entire game. Play as the fighter, and you are completely dependent on the rare healing potions since you will always take damage in melee combat. Maybe the addition of some ranged weapons would help? Or easy/medium/hard difficulties?

But the ending is a real letdown - the evil boss just laughs and runs away? Surely there could have been a more climatic way to end the game.

all about the fashionable hats

Ceinfuegos has a few good points, but I think a lot of the stuff that you did right with the game counter-balances the bad.
I like how each dungeon is set up and how each step counts as a turn for elements of strategy to use depending on which class you chose (mages zap several stat raping skills on enemies while quick charging fireballs, thieves keep invisibility skills to sneak up on enemies and rape them from behind, and fighters muscle it out through enemies without so much as a howdy doo)
The way you set up the dungeons was fun, and I could tell there was more of a focus on survival rather than buffing your character to ridiculous proportions through any sort of grinding. Then again this point is sort of defeated after you learn that deaths don't have any actual consequences until you run out of hearts rather than sending you back to the respawn point with all your items. Even if they don't lose all their lives and have to be sent back to the beginning of the game, it'd probably be enough to make the player restart on the current dungeon they're on rather than
Biggest thing that irked me was the lack of a real "final boss" battle and instead just another dungeon with buffed out minions rather than some ridiculously huge big bad to take out, especially since the Minotaur was sort of the selling point in the beginning narrative.
Anyhow, game looks nice, music kicks ass, and no bugs from what I was able to see, so I'd say it's a solid game considering I'm doing a 3rd run just so I can play all the characters. I think if you upped the difficulty and made a more potent ending, it'd be great.

Like a turn based gauntlet

This game is awesome.
Reminds me of the old days back on the NES playing gauntlet 2

Too bad

Pretty umbalanced, there's no way of farming or getting stronger, every level you enter you shall fight stronger monster than you, skills are idiotically randomized in the map, and a lot of bugs with items, after some playing time, ever item you find is the same fucking bracer. Fix this shit dude

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Jan 4, 2012
4:01 PM EST
Adventure - RPG