Hideki Death

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just a Very short flash animation.

that was actuarly made back in december. 2011. but i decided to upload it here too haha ^^
this was request from AI-rin from deviantart..thats her OCS. exept doctor and nurse


damn, i keep checking out your work and i keep finding that your kinda good at this whole "kicking ass" thing. i mean damn bro this pretty good.

just one problem

i canĀ“t really describe who is boy or girl... oh these anime always makes me confused

Ha ha

If it wasn't listed as a drama, I would've thought this was a comedy.

"Nurse, remove the plugs from him!"

"Hedki! Wake up!"

Jeez, your precious loved one is dead and you can't even get his name right. Freaking plugs. I'll bet it was the plugs that killed him.

Anyway, nice job.

You seem to like Death Scenes

I didn't understand this. Why was she dieing?

It just seems a bit unrealistic, if you were trying to create a sad, memorable moment. Animation was alright, a bit choppy in this one, to be honest.

Not too shabby, anyhow. Keep on animatin'!

bocodamondo responds:

oh dear lord your the second one wich think HE is a SHE!
those are not MY CHARACTERS!
THATS JUST A REQUEST i made forAI RIN it was all her idea and her characters.
i just did animation & art that all i have nothing to do with the story

7th place daily?

Dammit! You were so close!

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3.54 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2012
12:25 PM EST