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Midtown Beatdown

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Use WASD to move, the H key to attack, and spacebar to jump. Pick up item and weapons to help take out enemies.

My first fighting game, hopefully you like it! :)

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This is pretty cool nice retro graphics. Plus its funny so it really hit the spot!

Cool Game


Gameplay and Design
- Finished all four levels. It gets monotonous quickly. There needs to be multiple enemy types, each with its own set of moves, as well as more moves for the player,
- Game's a bit easy, even on the hardest setting.
- I like all the names you gave the enemies. (:
- Consider adding an option to mute music but keeps the sound effects, in addition to muting both.
- I found that you can press P to pause. Unless I missed it, you should probably indicate that somewhere for the uninitiated.
- It looks weird having the character do a somersault from a non-moving jump.
- Don't make the visual impact effect take so long. It should be a quick flash of some sort.
- As far as I can tell, the player can't get knocked down, no matter how may times he gets hit.
- When the player passes the level, don't suddenly end it, showing a bunch of numbers. Provide some kind of fanfare.

Graphics and Sounds
- Nice old-school bitmap graphics. A few frames in the walking animations are missing from all the characters.
- When characters get up, they should have better looking animation. It looks like you just rotated some stances to get them back upright. (:

- Your control scheme was fine for me, but you may want to consider a setup for players who are better the other way around (movement keys on the right, and attacks on the left). Key configuration is always a good idea.

- There is a glitch with jumping. When you land, you are at a lower spot then when you started. If you stand still and just keep jumping, you will eventually get stuck at the bottom of the screen.

- There is a "z-order" issue with objects. For example, take the cones; in some areas, they are drawn in front of your character, even when it is clear that your character is closer to the "camera".

- Characters are still moving, even when it's paused.

- If you are running in one direction, press and release the key for the opposite direction (while holding down your original movement key), your character will "run backwards", haha! I thought I was on to somethin' here, but it looks like it's a little glitch. (:

Hope everything made sense. If not, let me know, and I'll send you a screenshot of what you need.

Otherwise nice game, soldier.

- Ziro out.

robscherer123 responds:

Thanks man! Nice review!

Yo dog

*Beat up cows with a lead pipe....Can check that off ma list

Decent game

Not too bad, but nothing spectacular either. Real good for a first try. I'm sure the next ones will be way better.


Nice Fighting Game with retro optic.

Credits & Info

4.77 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2012
10:54 AM EST