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Become a gunslinger in this epic wild west pixel shooter adventure. Plenty of bad guys to kill and a lot of nuggets to collect - shoot for gold! Hover mouse over bad guys but don't hover mouse over good guys or you will decrease your score. Click left mouse button to collect gold.

Important update:

I'm very shocked about some people claiming this game to be offensive to either Hispanics or Mexicans. I've never intended to be offensive against anyone! In fact there are some people who really feeling hurt by the games theme. In respect for these people I've changed the bad guys in the game. Please take my excuses.
Thank you all for your comments, especially the constructive ones.

PS: The changes are pending approval...



At best.

best western flash ever

This was a fun game best western flash ive ever played it had great ideas for point and click shooters. I loved the idea of how it shoots automatically some might think it makes the game easier but it makes it harder cause now it becomes a challenge to not shoot the good guysi cause if the cursor goes over them they die due to automatic shooting. and it actually got really hard not to shoot the good guys at part but some people say its racist because ur shooting mexicans who says there mexicans they don't even look like mexicans u would have to be racist to think there mexicans. however i doubt ill ever come back to this game cause im not a big fan of this style but its still great

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I was eating a pickle while playing...Sour-Puss :)


Nothing too interesting here, so 4/10

As I scroll down to read the reviews

Gentlemen, this shocks me!
You all claim this game to be offensive, to either Hispanics or Mexicans.
It seems that nowhere in this game the word "Mexican" or any reference to them is made or used.
You just claim the "bad guys"to look like Mexican, which on my side looks like you fellows are actually being racist yourself.

Back to the matter at hand!
Great game!, easy, simple and fun to replay.
As I feel the need to replay because of the nuggets!

4/5! good job

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2.79 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2012
3:41 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed