The Masquerade

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The entirety of this was made over the course of the last seven days. I'm actually really surprised at how efficient I was here, since I managed to get around 25 seconds done each day.

Even though the actual animation is not pristine or anything and the frame-by-frame is sort of choppy and shaky, I'm proud of how this turned out, mainly due to the atmosphere of it and the story. I think this time it actually has some meaning behind it. Also, this time I actually have some REAL INSTRUMENTS in the music. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? OMG. Except I mixed them in with synthesized versions of themselves so it's occasionally hard to tell. Oh well.

Edit: Wow, I'm genuinely amazed by the quality of these reviews! There's been a lot of thought put into each and every one of them. Thanks so much, everyone!



The girl didn't magically appear she came to him because he had the strength to reject conformity and be himself, and she felt the same (as implied by her sad mask, she clearly faced similar issues) The answer is to be yourself and find people who accept you for it, I think

it is artistic, explicit and.... impressive!
thank you

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The best flash i've seen so far. Now, there will come a day that you'll be topped, But for now this is my favorite. The one thing about this that's realistic is that this is like the SOPA law that the congress is trying to pass.

The force and law of the world is destroying our freedom. Crushing our joy.

Killing our lifestyle. killing the few creative live's still living. There isn't much left for the world in this plot but yet there is hope in the smallest of regions.

And lastly.. I need that audio.

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Pahgawk responds:

Thanks :)
...Okay, the soundtrack is on Newgrounds and is tagged as an audio credit for this video. It's not the EXACT same song though, because the very last note is one bar shorter in the version I uploaded to Newgrounds (I had to extend it for the video in order to fit the last scene, but that wasn't the way it was intended to be, originally.)


wow just wow is all i have to say. it is true that we as a culture have done this we create these masks for several reasons we make ourselves our own mask to hide some kind of pain from past trauma, force someone to have a mask so that they wont become a outcast, to sort of divide people from others, and finally to kind of make sure that there wont be any problems. it is a sad fact that we must wear these masks but it is the truth. its to the extent that people wont even hire you or even talk to you unless you have a good mask, talking bout how one looks, its sad and disappointing that we even teach our kids that, like telling them to go along with the flow and to not do anything to cause any problems for anyone else buts that's life. and the only way to fix this is to not care what someone looks like and treat people with kindness and respect. hopefully people can change over the years and save us

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the story of opression is told time and time again but this representation of it really shows it to be the nightmare it is, amazing work

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