The Masquerade

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The entirety of this was made over the course of the last seven days. I'm actually really surprised at how efficient I was here, since I managed to get around 25 seconds done each day.

Even though the actual animation is not pristine or anything and the frame-by-frame is sort of choppy and shaky, I'm proud of how this turned out, mainly due to the atmosphere of it and the story. I think this time it actually has some meaning behind it. Also, this time I actually have some REAL INSTRUMENTS in the music. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? OMG. Except I mixed them in with synthesized versions of themselves so it's occasionally hard to tell. Oh well.

Edit: Wow, I'm genuinely amazed by the quality of these reviews! There's been a lot of thought put into each and every one of them. Thanks so much, everyone!


Great video

My question is what made you want to make this video?
what fueled you to make this?
I like this video, I just need to know what is it that made you want to make this

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Pahgawk responds:

Well, my answer to that question might be a little disappointing. Personally, I don't actually think of myself as being in a similar situation to that of the protagonist. In fact, the character I drew to look more like myself was the kid who was kicking protagonist for not being successful. In the book The Catcher in the Rye, they mention that life is a game, as long as you're on the winning side, and that is where I find myself to be right now. I get extremely high grades, I have great friends, and I have a relatively successful web design job even though I'm only 15, so I barely even notice the system I'm sitting on top of, and I feel like I can freely take off my masks and feel no consequences. However, because of all that, I guess I also feel a certain amount of guilt, because I know there are plenty of people who are not on the "winning side," and for no fault of their own are forced into the situation of the main character of this movie. I suppose making the movie was a way of showing sympathy and empathy for those people and to possibly feel some sort of catharsis.


awesome animation, well done everywhere

nice choice of aesthetics, nice composition, a solid work

now i dont know if i can relate to the message, you see, i belive that a guy who is force to drive a bus for hours and cant help to frown is no masquerade

but i do get the message and i think its deep and interesting

im curious as to why there is always love in these kind of works, somehow, the couple appears and shows the main character he is not alone and what he stands for is worhtwhile. why, why love and reproduction and mating? why does that cliches always play such an important part on these kind of works?

luckily i think we agree that our current system doesnt really bring joy, at least in your movie, the educational system in capitalism driven by personal success, thats interesting

anyways, dont read this, its too long

awesome job

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Pahgawk responds:

Well, I wasn't intending for the ending to be interpreted that way, all though I can't say that any interpretation if this is either right or wrong. Personally, I was just trying to show that you're never actually alone, so that the movie wouldn't end on a completely depressing note.

Thanks for the long review though. Those are the best kinds :)


This movie is mind blowing!

Good movie

I'd give this more stars if I had the ability to. While the animation was choppy,I think it improved the way the world looked, dull and grey. I think a nice touch would've been to have color start to appear on their faces after taking off the masks,just to send the message a bit harder. Loved this.

saden :( music :D

This story does sadness me but, about the music i would say that would be first in audio right of the bat.

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