The Masquerade

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The entirety of this was made over the course of the last seven days. I'm actually really surprised at how efficient I was here, since I managed to get around 25 seconds done each day.

Even though the actual animation is not pristine or anything and the frame-by-frame is sort of choppy and shaky, I'm proud of how this turned out, mainly due to the atmosphere of it and the story. I think this time it actually has some meaning behind it. Also, this time I actually have some REAL INSTRUMENTS in the music. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? OMG. Except I mixed them in with synthesized versions of themselves so it's occasionally hard to tell. Oh well.

Edit: Wow, I'm genuinely amazed by the quality of these reviews! There's been a lot of thought put into each and every one of them. Thanks so much, everyone!



but did he ever get society to stop wearing masks, and wat wau op with the teathers face?

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Video reminded me of Smile! made in 2004

The masks idea is pretty cool and often used by psychologist to explain how we go through life. Though the mayority of psychologist believe we have nothing behind those masks its more romantic to think that we do.
That this idea has been done before because of that populair vision is there for a given but this video has a nice more down to earth story compared to the others without losing the super atmosphere. Good job!!!

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the whole thing was done in a simple manner, something i can appreciate. you managed to express what you observed and felt without going too deep into anything at all.

i like to opine on how i feel newgrounders can improve on their submissions but i think you did a pretty good job, so there's not much for me to say =)

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You got my 5.

It was beautiful. Hit home too, I teared up a lil bit. Now, that's ART. That's emotional impact. Good stuff.

Respect. Keep it up.

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Fuckin' A.

This was great, probably my favourite Newgrounds submission of 2012 yet. While the quality of the animation wasn't great - merely passable, though impressive for something done over only a week - the story really stands out. I really loved the use of facial emotion; the radical difference between the hauntingly fake expressions portrayed on the masks, and the actual faces of the characters, whose uncovering actually feels somewhat unexpected and mildly shocking.

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