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Pingy the Ping Idle RPG

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Hi NewGrounds member!

Thanks for taking the time to try out our game. Pingy was a small game made as a collaboration to go on Kongregate last year, but people have asked for it to be available on other sites too, so here it is for you to play.

This is my first submission here but I've heard NG members are pretty cool with reviews and constructive criticism. Feel free to leave comments, private messages, or even to email us about what you think of Pingy the Ping.

Quick FAQ:

"Will you be updating the game?"
> We've updated the Kongregate version quite a bit since it was released, and the NG version is up to date with every update Kongregate has had so far.

"Will you add a NewGrounds hat?"
> Yes, if the game reaches 100,000 plays!

"Will you add [other suggestion here]?"
> Maybe. It depends on a lot of things. Suggestions for balancing, new minigames, or small updates are always welcome. Suggestions that could be a whole standalone game, or that would need a lot of new art, are less likely to be added.

"Where can I see updates about Pingy?"
> The credits page has a note about the most recent update. We sometimes announce major updates on our Facebook page, but there isn't currently a changelog.

"What's the best way to suggest something or report a bug?"
> We try to keep up with every comment, PM, etc, so take your pick. we don't reply to every single suggestion or bug report, but we definitely read them.

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reminds of learn to fly art style


stach is really better

It's an okay idle game... But you should take out the movie thing. The YouTube boxes blocked the exit rendering the game unplayable. Darn

i liked this game alot, was really going good untill i came back and all my money was gone.

i like the concept and the different unlocks, its an idle game but a little different so thats good