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WARNING!: As Stated at the Main Menu, this "Tool" is intended for PLAYERS of the MMO; MapleStory!

It is a Cube Simulator, that simulates a Player using Cubes on an assortment of different Items.
This was an Intended Sequal to my Scrolling Simulator (Which you should also check out).

There are 3 Voice Tutorials with Matching Visuals, over 7+ Items to Cube, 2 Different Cubes and a Semi-Realistic Probability rate. You can choose your Level Tier, Rank, and Item Type at the Start-- and change it throughout your playthrough. This tool has ALL Potential Bonus' stricly listed to the Item Type, with a few random Etc Potentials thrown in for more Reality. The Cubes indeed do have a Chance to level up the Potential rank, and the Premium Cube dishes out it's purpose as well. You can show off your work by typing your name, and taking a Screenshot if you like.

I'm aware many people have made this Tool before, but like my previous Sim, I wanted to take the idea into my own hands, and dish it out in my Vision. Hopefully you guys enjoy, and YES this tool was intended for users of the BASILMARKET FORUM. Your welcome guys.
You may share this Tool around with Permission and Credit.
Tell me any wanted Features, Items or Suggestions.

Hope you like it, Have fun, and ENJOY.

>List of Wanted Features:
Super Miracle Cube
Legendary Miracle Cube

>List of Bugs needed to be Fixed:


is easy just add on item details settingin yellow balls Lv potencial rank and lines


I didn't understand it quite well but yeah i think it's ok too, just put some better instructions of how to play it and it could get to be a really good game

Well ok

This game is ok It is very confusing how to play it but I supose if you do it would of bean a nice game.

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2.41 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2012
8:49 PM EST
Simulation - Other