Flour and Coin

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EDIT 2012-10-15
Thanks for the input-- rest assured we are working on updates which will be coming soon! Please visit our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/c oinandflour for more Coin & Flour.

- Team MMS
EDIT 2012-12-03
Removed wind factor and improved collision detection of platforms to make the game easier.
We encourage you to finish the game and see the endings!

- Team MMS

Coin and Flour can't seem to recall their past lives. A spell has been cast erasing their memories, and only by getting the final letter will they be able to get them back. However, getting the letter is no easy task. Burried within the fiery depths of hell, go through each stage by defeating obstacles and find your way towards your lost memories.

Up/Space = Jump
Left/Right = Run
Down = Stoop

Double Jump (Flour only) = at peak of jump + Jump
Dodge (Coin only) = D

The game features randomized stages, traps, and obstacles for replayability.

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For players information, do not Falter nor Waver when using the girl.
- Coin actually jump pretty far. The problem is, you need to press up FIRST Then Forward but NOT Both at the same time.
- The boy, Flour on the other hand is pretty dandy, his double jump is actually a Dash! Flour ability not just save a lot of times but also rander him invinsible for a short moment.
- This makes the game rather bias for Flour to be alot superior than Coin. The girl Coin needs attention too, she needs more incentives to survive since it was rather difficult playing her.

Anyway, the game have a bit technical difficulty, if you died on the jump hole while still pressing forward, you will immediately die the second time you revive, and that account for two lost of lives. What a waste of lives!

I like the game design and artwork, but:
1. The motion and movement needs to be more real and fluid.
2. Hoping for more New Playable Characters and more enjoyable storyline.
3. Story and In-game Voices (if possible)
4. Stability and ease of gameplay
5. Difficulty changeable for easy, normal, hard
6. Game Title/Menu also consist of 'Two types of gaming experience': Relaxing game such as this one, or action game for a battle-type platformer with multiple times replayable stages, char leveling and stats, potions and equipment shops, and save@load games. And perhaps a rather distinguish char names such as Loki/Odin for boy and Ragnarok/Athena/Freya for girls.

Well, the last comment simply out of my own desire, take no heed if one doesn't want to.

This game developer seems to have high potentials to create a Grand-Game. I was hoping for a one-shot Major Project from 'em, befitted for those who seeks high quality game.
-PostScript: I like this platformer game very much, love this game!

Game Mechanics Comment:
First thing first, FLOUR Skill is actually DASH and can even be triggered while mid-air.
I can't seem to figure what COIN ability is since she was found dead while playing around in the first stage *poor Coin*.

So, I propose that Coin ability to change into a high-and-far double jumps since she can b caught falling on the second round of each stage *since she doesn't have speed*.

Would be better to have save games, character voices, replayable stages, points/gold collectable, more actions, In-stage changeable-characters simply by pushing a button (1,2,3,4,...), and shops that is if the game developers intend to release new game *people like shoppings, or at least window shoppings*.

Storyboard Comment:
It would be great to have more playable characters.
More comedy, In-dept, and Interesting story rather than straightforward romance story. Perhaps another girl in love with Flour *but a best friend of Coin* who have ability to temporarily increase speed and jumping ability? Well, it is up to the creator in this case. So, no further comment for the storyboard.

Artwork Comment:
I voted this game high for its first made epic artwork. Still, the movement needs to be more fluid.

Extra Comment:
I really confuse whether Flour is the girl or Coin is, since the naming really uncommon.
Love this platformer game very much!
Sincerely, thank you for the seriousness of making game. Really feels like the developers put quite an effort, rather than some just-to-finish-in-time game.

i love this,it's very entertaining and cute,and the fact you used your own amazing drawings to make this game is even more memorizing

it's pretty good! <3
i like it ...i wonder why they've given so low points ;_;

Not Bad

Lovely artwork and refreshing music selections, but there are very few animation frames for movement in the gameplay, and the gameplay is linear and aggravating. I might never see the end of this game, even if I try. It looks like an early stage work in progress, but a promising one. I recommend gliding over waiting for random wind bursts as an option, and a few more animation frames to express fluid character control.

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3.92 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2012
8:15 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop