Adrellia Village #38.1

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FULL TITLE: Adrellia Village #38 - Deleted Scene

Adrellia Village:
Season 2, Episode 38.1:
Training Scene
3/5/11 (original) - Trainer Angus goes into a slapstick sequence after a Turtum - from Neopets - catches him off-guard.

I'm not sure if it was finished exactly on March 5, 2011, but if it wasn't, it was really close. This forty-second sequence took about ten days to animate. I let it stay in the original cut of episode 38 for a few months and continued to work on it but then realized that this scene is probably best cut. I don't want all that hard work completely lost, however, so I submitted it here.

I would still love to hear your input, though!

Animated on 12 layers at 24 fps, exported at 128 kbps.

adrelliavillage.com and adrelliavillage.110mb.com don't work anymore, since someone bought the first, and the second, I lost the password to. I'll configure these technical difficulties after I finish episode 38.

I want episode 38 to be much better than the previous 37, and it will showcase my full animation ability.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Props to anyone who understands the subtle Jackie Chan joke!

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Cool! Also, who was that woman in that deleted scene?

MistyEntertainment responds:

The animal trainer. She'll get a part in a real episode.

Poor quality

Sorry, not really the humour I was expecting and the whole effect seemed to be somewhat dimmed by the lack of "finish" to the piece. The converter program that you use to make it into an .swf file seems to have taken the quality down quite a bit by compressing it. If you have issues with the 10Mb file size limit, perhaps contact Tom, as the limit is easily changeable to a size which more befits your animation.

Right, the sound needs some work, as with the scream, you've just looped part of it to make it sound longer. It may not sound this way to the untrained ear, but this didn't sound right to me. The sound samples for the crashes, explosion and so forth seemed to work well, so maybe it's the voice acting / recording that needs some work.

On top of that, your animations style is decent, but not exactly pushing the boat out. It reminds me of Cyanide and Happiness, though the backgrounds aren't as pleasing on the eye. The bookcase which fell over, for example is an horrendous example of perspective gone wrong. More time and effort into that aspect would stop you from tapering two parallel lines together on a cubic piece of furniture.

There is hope, as you create so many of these, but as with anything, it's a learning curve and as you advance, you'll learn more techniques and you'll not make the same mistakes.

[Review Request Club]

MistyEntertainment responds:

Part of the reason this scene was removed was its heavily reliance on slapstick humour (as you addressed in your review) and its failure to progress the story. I simply uploaded this here as a "special feature" of Adrellia Village #38.

I didn't notice the bookcase until you pointed it out, and I will make sure mistakes like that aren't present in future eousides,

I used to pump Adrellia Village episodes every few days, but now, I've slowed down so that the animation will look nicer and the writing will be better.

Didn't quite get it

I didn't quite get this one, but I think I'll just have to watch the other episodes of Adrellia Village. Seems I missed out on a pretty good series there.

However, the flash looks strangely blurred and unclean, as if there went something wrong while exporting the flash.
Also, the voices have some static noises, which also might be the result of a problem with exporting the flash.

Anyway, even though I didn't quite get this episode and the image is a bit "unsharp", I still enjoyed watching this flash!

{ Review Request Club }

MistyEntertainment responds:

Thank you for your review! With regards to the unsharp images, due to animation problems, I had to take the .wmv file and import it into Flash, causing a mild quality difference.

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