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Zombies In Your Backyard

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Can't wait to kill? 5 Points

Kill a zombie in the menu.

Good choice! 5 Points

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I wish that I could fly! 5 Points

Jump 10 times.

Caring for the little things in life... 10 Points

Kill 10 little zombies.

First half 25 Points

Survive 5 days.

Serial Killer 25 Points

Kill 50 zombies in one game.

Heavy metal! 50 Points

Buy the minigun.

Survivor 50 Points

Survive all 10 days.

That good old pistol... 50 Points

Survive until day 5 without buying a weapon from the shop.

Collector 100 Points

Buy all weapons from the shop.

Author Comments

In this game you're going to shoot zombies, buy new weapons, ammo and health and hopefully survive 10 days of the zombie apocalypse until the rescue team arrives.
Earn medals and try to stay alive!

Need help? Check out a guide for this game:

http://armorgames.com/com munity/thread/9236040/zom bies-in-your-backyard/pag e/1#post-9405951
(remove spaces)

W - Jump/Doublejump
A/D - Walk
R - Reload
Mouse - Aiming
Leftclick - Shoot
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... or Q/E - Change weapon

Good luck and have fun!

Hi there!
This is my very first game submitted to Newgrounds.
Special thanks goes to Adam Atomic for creating Flixel and Kevin MacLeod for providing the music!

Thanks for reading!

The game is now much more left-handed-friendly and allows moving with the arrow keys!
When carrying the minigun you become slower and jump less higher!
Fixed the medal-popup-problem!
MENU-button is now MAINMENU-button and asks if you REALLY want to leave and to lose all your process!
You can now switch weapons by pressing 'Q' and 'E'!
"How to pause" now explained ingame!



Fun little game w/ a few flaws

fun little game, full of fast paced button mashing. I would have liked to see move room to dodge, allowing for more strats then stand your ground or back up

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The game was a bit fun, at first. Although the idea is unoriginal, the game play was pretty good. A few things you should improve (in my opinion) are: Make the amount of days infinite, be able to upgrade the amount of ammunition that you can hold, upgrade weapons, etc. Otherwise, it amused me for half an hour or so.

Good, but has issues.

It started off well, but when you get to the business end of things you start to really feel how little room there is to dodge zombies, which ended up being frustrating. The lack of large amounts of ammo for some weapons was annoying, especially the uzi. For a gun with such a fast rate of fire, you had to treat it like a rifle, squeezing off one shot at a time in order to conserve your ammo.

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I'd rather have zombies in my radio station...

I'm only giving 7 because I've played Radio Zed and this is like a cheap knock off to me. It's a bit too easy, but it's good nonetheless...

Schulles responds:

I have never played or heard of this game before, but thanks anyway.

too easy, not a lot of upgrades

before you get the m16 the game is decently hard, but after that with good use of ammo it's easy.

also the minigun is stupidly overpowered, i mean you get 3000 rounds of the strongest bullets in the game for 1 wave.

also, more upgrades and maybe an endless mode would make it better.

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Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2012
11:13 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed