Dreams I

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Hey guys, I made an experimental animation!
You can't says it bad cause you know, it's experimental.

Song - http://perel.bandcamp.com /track/phase


True fact about dreams

Every time you go to sleep you forget 90% of your dreams (which means if you sleep 8 hours you will forget about 7 hours of your dream)

Enjoyed it

A good start to the flash i thought, even the loading didnt take much long, so that was a plus, and congrats on the 2 awards with underdog and daily thats always impressive and goes to show the people do enjoy this one, so i was impressed with that, I lovethe narating of this it makes the dream come alive and you presented it very well, the voice seemed abit low though, not hard to hear, so make an option for subtitles just to have it, doesnt hurt in the longrun, and the file was already small so it would only help it, the "VISUALS" were pretty good and flowed perfectly with the naration, The cute like characters were nice aswell so nice job on the effort on this, so i was pleased with this flash the story and visuals aswell as having abit of humor in there aswell, nice work here.

Nothing much but some smale fixes and changes maybe just adding some subtitles would probably be the onlything,

A good flash here with some nioce visuals and good effort all around i enjoyed this.

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Love the idea behind this. More people should try their hand at bringing their dreams to life. The most random and interesting occurrences are usually born inside of a dream, and reliving them in this type of medium is a great idea.

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I myself keep a dream journal where I record my dreams after every night just for laughs (and because it's interesting), so I find this very intriguing.

Someone might say this is random, but, I have had way more randomer dreams.

Have to wonder why (apparently) nobody has done this before.

Well what other can I say...

- Art/animation looks solid
- Voices are good
- It was easy to follow
- Music... that reminded me of the Song of Healing played backwards. Was it? I was half-expecting a screamer because of it, even though rating is E. Extra points for not having one.
- Humor? Well, perhaps not so funny but very interesting. I mean, it's an explanation of a dream, so humor depends about the dream entirely.

I wonder how much details you took into this, though? Did you remember all this 100% or was some of the stuff "I... THINK it went like that, but..." if you catch my drift.

I give this 10! Looking forward for more!

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This is really neat!

First off, I have to say the idea is really cool. For something that was experimental, you really made something more than an experiment, rather a animated story of an odd dream. While most people have weird dreams not many tell them the way you've done here, and it's really unique!

I love the art work on it, and it's animated extremely well. It kept me smiling the entire way, and you're voice is really nice to listen to. The music is also really well done, and adds to the weirdness of the dream you're talking about. All in all a really great work you've done here. Keep it up.

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Jan 1, 2012
11:28 AM EST
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