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We all worked really hard on this so please enjoy!


Extra tags: arrow in the knee, dovahkiin, skyrim, morrowind, elder scrolls V, collab, newgrounds


WHERES NOVA KID is the funniest 1 one it - UBER LAWL

i was a Human...

BUT THEN I TOOK A ARROW TO THE KNEE ......now im a furry .];D


This is hilarious beyond belief. You've done an amazing job. And I agree, Skyrim RULES.

Sweet stuff!

Here are my different comments on each part:

SamGreen: Pretty cool. I would prefer to stop Arrow in the knee jokes though, mainly because very few people actually do them right and make them funny. Also, one of the voice actors sounds like Barry from Killing Spree 7, but I'm not gonna look too deep in that.

Carbonwater: Weird and stuff as usual, I guess. I guess it doesn't help that I've only watch a few videos from you, so really I can't think of anything to say just yet.

Dotorius: Now this one I rather enjoy. It seems you're pretty good at poking fun at something, so it's only fitting that you would do an Arrow to the Knee joke. Overall, I like the fact that you dug a little deeper into the meme rather than just recycling the same stuff that everyone's seen before.

Heytemb/Haitam: I found this one pretty funny too. I didn't expect him to throw up after getting the new shout; but it's hard to describe what I expected before watching the video, so I guess I'll just end it at that, considering I don't have very much to say.

Hbrunav: Despite being short, I found this one quite funny, though at first I was a tad bit confused. When thinking about Skyrim, the first thing I think about is what mishaps could happen because of the shout ability, which I've found can be great for a series of shorts.

SnowyBangers: I think I laughed the most at this one. I remember in some Skyrim flash animations, the "hero" would put a pot or basket over the clerk's head and steal everything in sight within the store. While this wasn't exactly that particular kind of thing, it still succeeds in being funny.

Overall, this collab was pretty well done, having jokes that rarely people would think of. I can't wait until another new game comes out though, so that people could parody THAT instead of repeating he same exact Skyrim parodies that we've already seen.

-Powerdude964, OUT!

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That was cool

I have to say that the last one with draugr in it was my favorite but I give you a 10 for a good laugh

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Dec 31, 2011
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