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A Christmas Colloquy

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[Edit]: Thank you for the VERY FIRST OMG daily 3rd of 2012!
[Edit2]: Thank you very much for the front page and FACEBOOK POST! :)

*Change quality to medium if you experience any lag or choppiness at all*

MERRY CHRISTMAS, for 5 or so days ago...

Sorry about the lateness, but I procrastinated until a couple days before Christmas and then I was busy with real life for the next few days.

Bonus points for knowing what's actually going on.

If you would like to know what caused this atrocity, it was inspired by a conversation I had with my friend on facebook that lead on from another friend's screencap of the google suggestions when you search "Spyro".
And that conversation was driven by my mentioning of CHRONAMUT'S thread.



Pop sounds ftw I love the Pops

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CyanSandwich responds:

I think I found the recipe for perfect 10's

good shit

made me smile, 10/10

CyanSandwich responds:

That's the best one could hope for :D


Brilliantly Entertaining.

...This is a really comment, and it is useless. I just don't honestly have the incentive to write an authentic review. Sorry.

Happy New Year, Cheers!

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CyanSandwich responds:

Hey, I've seen much more useless reviews in my time. I'm just glad this is positive!

Cheers for the 10 and may 2012 bring copious amounts of joy, booze and the end of the world!

The Newgrounds version of the Riddler

There are better porn sites than newgrounds, but their not free, BBBBWWWWhHHaAAA.

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Two Psychologists walk into a bar...

Some people actually over-think things like this. Usually they're trying to justify something they feel others are judging them of (IE: going against social mores, even though the undiscussed social more is that people do weird shit...everyone does, but nobody discusses it, thus folks feel the need to explain it when they do it, even though the explanation is simple...you're human, but since nobody discusses sick shit you feel like an outsider.)

TL;DR ... "auto"-erotic dragon porn. LOL

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CyanSandwich responds:

I like the way you review.

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3.89 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2011
7:38 PM EST