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rated 4.45 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Multidirectional

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Dec 30, 2011 | 8:26 AM EST

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First Blood 5 Points Killed the first Alien in Story mode
Go Jameson! 5 Points Unlock a mag-lock
Got it! 5 Points Collect mfm card
Hax0r 5 Points Hack a terminal
Run! 5 Points Trigger the explosives
Suck it 5 Points Complete a wave in Swarm mode
Armed to the teeth 10 Points Buy your first weapon
Bug hunter 10 Points Killed your first boss
Hax0r II 10 Points Hack gun turrets
One down 10 Points Completed first story level
Power up 10 Points Buy a weapon upgrade
Pushing On 10 Points Completed second story level
Afraid of the dark 25 Points Completed third story level
Clock beaten 25 Points Completed sixth story level
Game, match and... 25 Points Complete a set in Swarm mode
Goal! 25 Points Find the 2nd Easter Egg
Job done 25 Points Completed seventh story level
Lulz 25 Points Completed fifth story level
Snow ? 25 Points Completed forth story level
Spanked it 25 Points Complete a round in Swarm mode
El presidente 100 Points Rank 50
The daddy 100 Points Complete all the challenges
Its floating Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

"The owl men are here, and they're so very hungry."

Gary Mason, former head of security, Outpost:Haven.

A distress call wakes you and your crew mate from C-Sleep. A suspected rad leak at the nearby Outpost space station needs investigating. Don't worry, it should just be a quick jump in, jump out job...


< Edit - Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone whose taken the time to play, vote and review the game. We may not have replied to all the comments but we have read them all, even the mental ones. Cheers - Squize >

- Level 3 made easier. Also forcefield is triggered during vulnerable sections of the level.
- El presidente medal fixed.
- Challenges fixed, no more broken numbers.
- Various tweaks and fixes.

- Bug with weapons unavailable in Swarm mode fixed.
- Turrets accuracy fixed.
- Console intro can be skipped by clicking.
- Level 3 tweaked so its less likely to break ( Yet again )
- Shout out to the NG boys who helped with bugs in the credits.
- Various tweaks and fixes.

- Challenges should be less buggy.
- Reduced the chance of being stuck in a spawn hole.
- Invisible objects fixed.
- I'm sure someone said faster running would be nice ? Done.

- A bit of retconning ready for Outpost 2, plus a little teaser.
- Minor tweaks and fixes
- Full screen mode if you've got Flash 11.3 or greater installed.

Just a note on the quality settings, its already running in low quality, hence the lack of in-game option for it.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Scariest Flash game I've EVER played...

Says it all, really. I jumped in shock numerous times playing this game. It scared the hell out of me, made me nervous and on edge, and made me DESPERATELY dependent on that Motion Tracker. This wasn't a Dead Space reference; It was CLEARLY Alien. And it did it BRILLIANTLY. The controls, though at times frustrating, were QUITE suitable for a Horror Game in which you were fighting against the odds. Honestly, this game forced you to think your way through things, and was quick enough to enjoy.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Stands out...sort of

Pretty good game, controls are alright.
I dont know what everyones problem with ammo was, I only started to run out of ammo on the last two levels but by then I had the shotgun and assault rifle with full ammo as backups. Fun game, a bit short, story was along the same lines of 'Aliens' and 'Deadspace'

Improvements I would do:
Add more in-game music
Decrease ammo pick ups (lol I was swimming in ammo for most of the game!)
Add more alien types
Develop story better(I didnt care to much for the story and the journals didnt convey the story all to well)
Decrease gun power(Once I got the pulse rifle I used it for the rest of the game)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh my...

This game is incredible! I mean I had the light turned of and the volume really high it was a real experience of flash gaming.

Sound:Good... the reason why I think this is when you go on a certain surface it makes a really loud sound and it was annoying but all the other sounds where great like the monsters and the random explosions on the walls.

Game play: Fun as hell!

Overview: I think this is a great game, but why is this only a flash game? Why couldn't it been on and the memory spam could have been much larger and you could get a lot more money because I would by the game instantly! Or on the Xbox arcade a good, 400 or 600 points.

Please I hope you do go extend your great skills in the future I can see it now.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Alien Breed: The Horror Continues

The resemblance is striking, in a good way. It's more balanced, though: you need to fetch stuff from the terminals unless you want to die early. I found a sort of an issue in the hacking level: when I died and respawned after the first checkpoint, loads of big monsters ganged up on me and killed me again and again, and before I knew it, it was Game Over.

But this is definitely an awesome ripoff of the Alien Breed series, the monsters jumping out of the shadows made me release a burst in the walls sometimes! :D

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Superb environment, so-so gameplay

Not enough space to fit all the shyt I want to say, so you're getting mostly criticism instead. Ahaha! I understand that this is a fairly new game on newgrounds, and that it may go through revisions and improvements later, but I'm making my review now.

Difficulty-wise, your main danger in the first couple levels is running out of ammo for the assault rifle. I kinda wish I was prompted about how to swap weapons earlier (I may have missed it), so I don't waste ammo on the small fry.

Radar sucks. It takes too long for each ping to happen to make it actually useful in the residence floor (the only place where I seriously considered using the radar), where it would have really made an appreciable effect. Nope, turns out the time I used to stare at it ended up with me dying to lots of large aliens while hacking a door. I have not made that mistake since, due to its utter uselessness. Oh, and it doesn't detect the surprise-buttsex black aliens that like to hide in the shadows, but I have to applaud you on that instead.

The first time the small aliens busted out from grates, the grate itself was being pushed by the aliens, which in turn shielded the aliens from my gunfire, which in turn led to me dying from the combination of alien love and sentry fire. Fun. Geez, if you wanted to give them shields, make something more believable. Or, you know, make it so that they can't use grates as shields.

Speaking of grates, the regular holes you see aliens crawling out of somehow act like walls when you're trying to get somewhere. This is pretty irksome, especially in the final fight against Strix, because you can't exactly see those dumb holes so well, and you take a projectile in the face. Either that, or the protagonist has an extreme phobia of getting his ankle busted, but I refuse to believe that when death has even worse side effects.

The sentry guns have some aiming issues. I've noticed that during certain times, they point slightly to the left or right of you. Further playing around with them revealed that I could stand right in front of some of them and they wouldn't be able to shoot me because of faulty logic or something. I dunno.

There's only four types of regular alien baddies in this game? That makes swarm mode insanely boring to grind when you're going for the challenges. And the amount of grinding it looks like one has to do to complete all the swarm challenges is akin to nonstop monster slaughtering 24/7 in some generic grinder MMO (classic MapleStory pre Big Bang if you know what I mean). This is not fun; this is unpaid work. Sure we're not obligated to do it, but the point is this is stupid.

Also, because there's so many mobs in the later waves of swarm mode, the free supplies you get from time to time hardly cover your needs, so the best tactic may sometimes be camping next to the shop and buying whatever you need. Okay, fine. What's not fine is taking 3 seconds (5+ during lag) of staring at "welcome to HAVEN Supply Network" every single time I want to refill my ammo. Compound this problem with the fact that your ammo capacity is pretty low, and it's even more "hai gaiz welcome back to the HAVEN Supply Network!!" First time using the shop, I was like "ooh pretty" and it was cool and interesting. 30th time is more like "HAVEN SUPPLY NETWORK OMGZ!!!!p0rn!!!" Forget owl men, the Haven network has its own subliminal messages agenda.

I hope I'm being blind or something, but no options? Sure there's the right-click menu during the pre-loader, but I don't think that actually has any effect once you get to the menu screen. Like, what if I don't want the game to lag horribly after painting the floor black with green blood during swarm mode?

Why the insanely high negative numbers after you complete all the levels of a particular challenge? The programmer side of me knows what it means, but the gamer side of me says it's somewhat nonsensical. I mean, -2500% after you finish killing X amount of monsters with the pistol?

Good job on the gfx. Chalkboard screeches from alien aggro in swarm mode.

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