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First Blood 5 Points

Killed the first Alien in Story mode

Go Jameson! 5 Points

Unlock a mag-lock

Got it! 5 Points

Collect mfm card

Hax0r 5 Points

Hack a terminal

Run! 5 Points

Trigger the explosives

Suck it 5 Points

Complete a wave in Swarm mode

Armed to the teeth 10 Points

Buy your first weapon

Bug hunter 10 Points

Killed your first boss

Hax0r II 10 Points

Hack gun turrets

One down 10 Points

Completed first story level

Power up 10 Points

Buy a weapon upgrade

Pushing On 10 Points

Completed second story level

Afraid of the dark 25 Points

Completed third story level

Clock beaten 25 Points

Completed sixth story level

Game, match and... 25 Points

Complete a set in Swarm mode

Goal! 25 Points

Find the 2nd Easter Egg

Job done 25 Points

Completed seventh story level

Lulz 25 Points

Completed fifth story level

Snow ? 25 Points

Completed forth story level

Spanked it 25 Points

Complete a round in Swarm mode

El presidente 100 Points

Rank 50

The daddy 100 Points

Complete all the challenges

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

"The owl men are here, and they're so very hungry."

Gary Mason, former head of security, Outpost:Haven.

A distress call wakes you and your crew mate from C-Sleep. A suspected rad leak at the nearby Outpost space station needs investigating. Don't worry, it should just be a quick jump in, jump out job...


< Edit - Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone whose taken the time to play, vote and review the game. We may not have replied to all the comments but we have read them all, even the mental ones. Cheers - Squize >

- Level 3 made easier. Also forcefield is triggered during vulnerable sections of the level.
- El presidente medal fixed.
- Challenges fixed, no more broken numbers.
- Various tweaks and fixes.

- Bug with weapons unavailable in Swarm mode fixed.
- Turrets accuracy fixed.
- Console intro can be skipped by clicking.
- Level 3 tweaked so its less likely to break ( Yet again )
- Shout out to the NG boys who helped with bugs in the credits.
- Various tweaks and fixes.

- Challenges should be less buggy.
- Reduced the chance of being stuck in a spawn hole.
- Invisible objects fixed.
- I'm sure someone said faster running would be nice ? Done.

- A bit of retconning ready for Outpost 2, plus a little teaser.
- Minor tweaks and fixes
- Full screen mode if you've got Flash 11.3 or greater installed.

Just a note on the quality settings, its already running in low quality, hence the lack of in-game option for it.


Good, but has some problems

Firstly, I want to say that the graphics are absolutely amazing. the weapons are interesting, and the whole game feels like it was professionally made.

Unfortunately, it's hampered by the fact that monsters can easily corner and kill you. The character's speed needs to be increased, and it needs to be more obvious when damage is being taken.

If these are fixed, I'll gladly change my rating to a 10/10, but as it is, the best I can do is a 8/10.

Space Hulk flash style!

This game makes me want to go play spacehulk tabletop. Your artist got the graphics down nicely, programming was excellent, i enjoyed the fact that stuff moved when you bumped them, instead of being an uninteresting unmovable terrain peace.


Good graphics, but during shooting FPS would drop like a stone, and I could find no graphics option
Gamplay 9
No Improvements to be made except maybe the abillity to name your character and some more background info.
Nuf said. They were good sounding and appropriate.
Overall Score-8

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Fantastic Atmosphere

It's not easy to make a top-down shooter scary, but boy have you guys succeeded anyway. Those over-the-top alien growls, roars, and hisses really made me fear for my life!

Only problem I encountered was the aforementioned diary note hacking glitch - I actually ended up losing all of my lives in the span of five seconds because the note wouldn't go the hell away!

Solid game, below is only constructive criticism

This was a very challenging, interesting game. I did get the DeadSpace vibes, as you descend lower and lower, the situation becomes more and more chaotic, but it was not linear, but rather in jumps when it came to difficulty.

Weapon selection was pretty cool, but made things too easy, as you could restock at nearly every point in the levels. The shotgun and RPG are cute, but are worthless because there rarely is an enemy that requires significant damage, and there are 100s of grunts that require a decent ammo pool to kill without losing health. Thus, I found the Vulcan to be pretty useless, as by the time I started firing, I was already being swarmed to death. Best weapon was the SMG with the damage upgrade, as it was superior to the rifle, and you could shoot 120 bullets without reloading. Not that it matters, reloading was super fast, too fast. Ammo was never an issue in the game, as it could be purchased, and was lying all over the floor. This made it easy as well, and I wasn't forced to conserve ammo. The pistol was laughably useless, but I think you meant it to be like that. Ammo can be used as it is infinite to open doors, so that should be fixed.

When it comes to monsters: It got pretty repetitive after level 3, as there was nearly nothing new, and same strategies were employed over and over again. The dark enemies with red eyes were awesome, great job there. The giant sacs were too easy to kill, as they only fired forwards. They should be given a room to chase you and aim slowly, because they can be sniped from a distance, like the endgame boss. Endgame boss was simple to kill, as I merely had to hide behind a box, peep out, and shoot my ammo in bursts. Coming closer spelt death, and I barely saw him. For me, the maddeningly difficult portions were maneuvering boxes to prevent the turrets from killing you (either too many boxes, or too few), and the night vision level. I'd carefully comb through the area, wait for the door to be "unhacked," and then everything would surround me and I would die. Death was pretty interesting in this game, and I probably ended up playing some levels 2-3 times as I'd keep dying =P

I liked the difficulty, in that if you don't kill the stuff infront of you, you become too slow to run away, making things very tough. It was repetitive though, waiting for the swarm to die down as they came from the hive, just waiting for one, shooting it, and keeping my scope on their nest for an entire minute. The lasers fired in my opinion were too slow. They were easy to dodge. The explosion radius made things a little better, but it was still way too simple to avoid. I think that the radar was just perfect. It was live or die with that thing, and it wasn't too frequent in its pulses =P The game should be made a bit darker in other levels. I also find that the red eyed stealth enemies are too easily spotted, and the surprise wears off after you first see them. Their eyes should never appear, until you're close to their corner. Then, they appear, and they leap out at you. A flaw with them is that you can happily shoot them with anything from a distance, and they won't charge at you. Maybe make stealth versions of the mini locusts?

Plotwise, it had a solid buildup, but too many jumps. There needed to be more of the blue chips, I still don't understand the story. Make it more horrific, with humanlike enemies, maybe a room where you see humans being turned into scorpions, etc. It was just next level, do this, ooh crew is becoming untrusting/what is ule/scary stuff, next level, do this, final level, bodies/enemies everywhere, enemy is a giant baby, what? Plot was lacking, ending suffered because of it. Having CPU to lead you with greentext is cool, but shouldn't be there in last level. Last level should be pitch black like night vision level, its too bright.

The mad rush to elevator is epic in the end, but not if you're replaying. Make it so that not getting to elevator in time = death. I wish there was some ending cutscene, but its okay. It was a solid game, and I enjoyed it! Thank you.

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Squize responds:

Excellent review, thank you mate.
Its funny you said you didn't really like the shotgun and preferred the SMG, the shotgun with FMJ is awesome for when there aren't too many baddies, then when they increase in number the pulse rifle does it for me every time ( I never use the SMG, it's got to be the least used in testing weapon ).
The Vulcan you've just got to keep revving it up so it's ready, it is really powerful once it gets going.

As to the story, and the whole cult of the owlmen / Ule stuff, I wanted to drip feed the story but not explain it all, I didn't want it neatly tied up in a bow, as in real life you never know all the facts.

Thanks again for taking the time to complete the game, and the excellent review, makes it all worth while.

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Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2011
8:26 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional