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First Blood 5 Points

Killed the first Alien in Story mode

Go Jameson! 5 Points

Unlock a mag-lock

Got it! 5 Points

Collect mfm card

Hax0r 5 Points

Hack a terminal

Run! 5 Points

Trigger the explosives

Suck it 5 Points

Complete a wave in Swarm mode

Armed to the teeth 10 Points

Buy your first weapon

Bug hunter 10 Points

Killed your first boss

Hax0r II 10 Points

Hack gun turrets

One down 10 Points

Completed first story level

Power up 10 Points

Buy a weapon upgrade

Pushing On 10 Points

Completed second story level

Afraid of the dark 25 Points

Completed third story level

Clock beaten 25 Points

Completed sixth story level

Game, match and... 25 Points

Complete a set in Swarm mode

Goal! 25 Points

Find the 2nd Easter Egg

Job done 25 Points

Completed seventh story level

Lulz 25 Points

Completed fifth story level

Snow ? 25 Points

Completed forth story level

Spanked it 25 Points

Complete a round in Swarm mode

El presidente 100 Points

Rank 50

The daddy 100 Points

Complete all the challenges

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

"The owl men are here, and they're so very hungry."

Gary Mason, former head of security, Outpost:Haven.

A distress call wakes you and your crew mate from C-Sleep. A suspected rad leak at the nearby Outpost space station needs investigating. Don't worry, it should just be a quick jump in, jump out job...


< Edit - Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone whose taken the time to play, vote and review the game. We may not have replied to all the comments but we have read them all, even the mental ones. Cheers - Squize >

- Level 3 made easier. Also forcefield is triggered during vulnerable sections of the level.
- El presidente medal fixed.
- Challenges fixed, no more broken numbers.
- Various tweaks and fixes.

- Bug with weapons unavailable in Swarm mode fixed.
- Turrets accuracy fixed.
- Console intro can be skipped by clicking.
- Level 3 tweaked so its less likely to break ( Yet again )
- Shout out to the NG boys who helped with bugs in the credits.
- Various tweaks and fixes.

- Challenges should be less buggy.
- Reduced the chance of being stuck in a spawn hole.
- Invisible objects fixed.
- I'm sure someone said faster running would be nice ? Done.

- A bit of retconning ready for Outpost 2, plus a little teaser.
- Minor tweaks and fixes
- Full screen mode if you've got Flash 11.3 or greater installed.

Just a note on the quality settings, its already running in low quality, hence the lack of in-game option for it.


this game looks alot like dead space

this is the best violence game i have played for long keep up your good work dude

brings me memories....

Kinda reminds me of dead space! I like playing this in the dark :3

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I'm sure all the other reviewers have commented on all the great things about this game, so I'll just do some nit-picking: I found the sound too loud for my earphones - you could turn it off, but not down. I don't like the unavoidable wait when you start a terminal or hit pause and look at your pda - yes, the startup screens look slick but I don't want to always wait. Same with the weapon switching - you have to wait too long for the weapons to appear and become clickable. I didn't like the way the space key was used for both reloading and accessing terminals - sometimes I just wanted to reload, but if I was near a terminal it would start that (with the long start up delay). The whole "owl men" part of the storyline just didn't work for me - not only did it strain credibility even beyond the bounds of a shoot-em-up flash game (people going crazy, dreaming that the bug aliens are owls, and forming a cult? really?), but it was completely unnecessary - when did this owl men cult ever affect the gameplay? Finally - that's it! I'm looking forwards to the sequel!

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If you make a sequel, I want to do the audio.

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Fun, but major glitch ruined game.

Fantastically designed and implemented game. Had a great time playing. But after about 30 minutes of play time, I "fell into" one of the spiderweb-like spawning points and could not get back out. Tiny oversight, but it completely ruined my game experience. You may want to update the game and prevent that from happening to anyone else.

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Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2011
8:26 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional