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rated 4.45 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Multidirectional

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Dec 30, 2011 | 8:26 AM EST

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First Blood 5 Points Killed the first Alien in Story mode
Go Jameson! 5 Points Unlock a mag-lock
Got it! 5 Points Collect mfm card
Hax0r 5 Points Hack a terminal
Run! 5 Points Trigger the explosives
Suck it 5 Points Complete a wave in Swarm mode
Armed to the teeth 10 Points Buy your first weapon
Bug hunter 10 Points Killed your first boss
Hax0r II 10 Points Hack gun turrets
One down 10 Points Completed first story level
Power up 10 Points Buy a weapon upgrade
Pushing On 10 Points Completed second story level
Afraid of the dark 25 Points Completed third story level
Clock beaten 25 Points Completed sixth story level
Game, match and... 25 Points Complete a set in Swarm mode
Goal! 25 Points Find the 2nd Easter Egg
Job done 25 Points Completed seventh story level
Lulz 25 Points Completed fifth story level
Snow ? 25 Points Completed forth story level
Spanked it 25 Points Complete a round in Swarm mode
El presidente 100 Points Rank 50
The daddy 100 Points Complete all the challenges
Its floating Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

"The owl men are here, and they're so very hungry."

Gary Mason, former head of security, Outpost:Haven.

A distress call wakes you and your crew mate from C-Sleep. A suspected rad leak at the nearby Outpost space station needs investigating. Don't worry, it should just be a quick jump in, jump out job...


< Edit - Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone whose taken the time to play, vote and review the game. We may not have replied to all the comments but we have read them all, even the mental ones. Cheers - Squize >

- Level 3 made easier. Also forcefield is triggered during vulnerable sections of the level.
- El presidente medal fixed.
- Challenges fixed, no more broken numbers.
- Various tweaks and fixes.

- Bug with weapons unavailable in Swarm mode fixed.
- Turrets accuracy fixed.
- Console intro can be skipped by clicking.
- Level 3 tweaked so its less likely to break ( Yet again )
- Shout out to the NG boys who helped with bugs in the credits.
- Various tweaks and fixes.

- Challenges should be less buggy.
- Reduced the chance of being stuck in a spawn hole.
- Invisible objects fixed.
- I'm sure someone said faster running would be nice ? Done.

- A bit of retconning ready for Outpost 2, plus a little teaser.
- Minor tweaks and fixes
- Full screen mode if you've got Flash 11.3 or greater installed.

Just a note on the quality settings, its already running in low quality, hence the lack of in-game option for it.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

not played yet!!

its like cool in the picture but i think its cooler when i play the game ive gotta be sure so i vote 5 dont blame me

Squize responds:

So sorry, you've not played the game yet but have written a review and given it a 5 ?
Are your family being held at gun point until you review 20 games or something ? Ah, I know you can't tell me and put them at risk, just blink twice if it's the case.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


This fancy games are always bugged gat stuck on doors and such, And in the begining of the game... it says i dont have a key card??? how do i get one???? bececause no tutorial said how to pick up cards or i dont see one Is such horrible game

Squize responds:

When you start the game you're given a keycard, it says "Press space to open the door", then at the next door it says something like "If you have no keycards you can shoot open a door".
Confusing and horrible I know, the game telling you exactly what to do, what was I thinking ?


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very well done... but very unoriginal

This was pretty good. I liked the physics in this, there wern't many bugs in it like alot of people have been saying that make you quit and do the whole chapter all over again, i like how you move slow, just gives you the chance to know when an enemy is coming and gives it a nice feeling of fear, like the character you play as is too paralysed to run, but can slowly walk. I also find the fact of putting that Plan 9 From Outer Space movie pretty interesting. A free game AND a free movie, a good win. The only complaint is this... well, this is like many other top down shooters. If you added something special to this that not many other top down shooters have, it would have gotten a 10/10 because it had something original and special in the game. But sadly, it's 9/10 because it's just a regular top down shooter. A tiny problem is that i can see the Sci-fi and Shooter in this, but i just don't see the Horror part happening. There was really nothing scary about this, so it was disappointing.

But yea, 9/10 5/5 i hope the game gets improved or has a sequel on the way that is more improved then this because, even though Flash is hard to do, i can see alot more potential that could be put in this game.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Generic is the Key Word Here

What's with all these 'survival horror' games that always boil down to nothing more than a top down shooter with poorly lit environments? For what it is, it's an okay game - but the top down genre is one that makes up a large part of the internet's flash games, and to stand out, your game needs to do something special. I played through this hoping or that something to be introduced but besides a few gimmicks it was no different than any of this website's other mindless shooters. Even the atmosphere felt overdone, we've seen movies, video games and even other Newgrounds submissions that carry out this exact feeling - I won't lie - It was cool the first few times - for sure it was, but when something becomes too predictable, it loses it's magic. Look, I know, Flash games take a lot of effort to make, I could never make a game on par with this, but a review is a personal opinion, not a score derived from sympathy. Yeah; It's a well made game, you added everything a standard top down shooter needs, survival mode, challenges, a multitude of upgradable weapons and even spectacular physics in a FLASH GAME! But.. in the end it's just more of the same. It was decently entertaining while it lasted, but it's nothing I'll remember for more than a few days. And for that I gotta give you a 7.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

fun but

,,,how do I exit the mainframe floor?