Deliverance ep. 5

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The fifth installment of my serie Deliverance.
Clearly not the longest episode, but definitely the one that took me the most time and effort.

Hope you guys enjoy. =)



You'r animation is... I don't want to say better becuse it was great before but the way you animated... (I'm bad with names) uhhhh, the girl in artisans dream sequnce was reallllllllyyyyyyy good. I'mma do a little dance... it's gunna go like this! As usuall all the episods are realllly good. (shorter this time due to lazyness)

Through the bird! X3

I LOVE this episode. The animating skillz, the audio, the humor, EVERYTHING. Especially the humor. :3

i can't stop laughing

oh man your animations are so funny, great job dude and congratulations i can't wait for the next episode.

Pretty good!

This is very well put together, I can clearly see that you can create a story that makes sense and is funny without losing the balance and being too silly or random. Only complaint is that the audio quality could increase a little bit, of course there are subtitles so that helps. I watched a few of the older episodes and this is the best overall so far. The art quality is good, good enough to tell the story and deliver, but there's always room for improvement, of course.

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PParreira responds:

thanks, I know the audio's not the best, but if I put the audio in mp3 format (which increases quality) the lip sych gets way off, and the timing gets all screwed up.


If and foremost:
FIRE YOUR SOUND PERSON. The sound was either way too quiet or way too loud. After having to play with the freaking audio dial five times I said screw it. I'm sorry if the audio was done by yourself, but that was terrible. The white noise coming through from the voice also indicates that this was recorded in a room that had ambient noise going on. The tracks are not clean of ambient sound. It's distracting. You need to equalize all sound so that people wont get annoyed because of this.
Other than that the animation was fine. Some proportional oopses that happened to work out for this piece

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Dec 29, 2011
7:12 PM EST
Comedy - Original