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Micro Super Defense Force

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Menu - Space = select; Shift = cancel; Arrow Keys = navigate;
Combat - F = Jump; D = AttackA; S = AttackB; Arrow Keys = move; Space/Shift/P = Pause; Press right, right or left, left quickly to dash; Different attacks are available while jumping, dashing and turning; Consult the movelist on the pause screen for details;

Advanced Mode:
Guard = The cyan bar beneath each character's health depicts their guard power. When guard power is full, attacks will be deflected automatically; when it runs out, attacks will strike normally. When guard power drops below zero, psy is consumed to Guard Burst, knocking away enemies and restoring guard power. Guard power increases when resting.

Psy = The purple bar beneath the guard bar depicts psy power. Whenever a character strikes another, or is striked, psy power increases. Psy power can be used to perform psy attacks, noted by a purple star in the movelist. Most psy attacks are activated by holding down the attack button, instead of releasing quickly. When health is critical, psy power increases automatically up to 80%. When psy power reaches 100%, Over Psy is activated, consuming 60% of total psy power to restore health. The player must decide whether to use psy power for powerful psy attacks or the healing Over Psy in each situation.
Simple Mode:
In simple mode, Guard and Psy will be universally deactivated so you can skip all this and just bash things. Simple mode is not necessarily easier once you understand the mechanics, since you lose access to healing and stronger attacks. Choose wisely.

Story Mode = Fight preset waves of enemies while NPCs yap in the background; No highscores; Return to checkpoints when defeated.
Duel Mode = Fight each enemy in the game in 1vs1 combat; Highscore available; Retry each match if defeated, but score decreases.
Survival Mode = Fight randomized waves of enemies for as long as you can; Highscore available; Additional continues are awarded for gaining points.
Sandbag Mode = Fight the unassuming sandbag that will not strike back as you test your moves; P -> Q to return to title menu.


Tips & tricks:

Beat the game in Story or Duel mode to unlock the Final Boss as a playable character. Scroll down past the 3rd character to select.

Beat the game in Story mode to unlock Extra Chapter, where the NPCs say stupid things for fun.

Enemies can flee in Survival Mode. Knock them out before they get away for the most points.


Feb 18 - HURP! It would seem that after all this time, I left a playtesting shortcut in Duel Mode that takes you directly to the Final Boss instead of fighting each enemy in the game like it's supposed to. I've fixed this, along with a bug that sometimes prevented the AI from selecting a new target when the old one died.

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this is an awesome game man

this game is great!!!!!!!! hey a question:did you make the songs if you not can you tell me where i can find them i like the songs

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

I made them.



I actually like the graphics from the first game more than the micro graphics. Accessibility is good. I especially like how the button, or in this case, buttons, use to pause the game are the same buttons used to unpause it. I also like how you designed the UI, so that you don't need the mouse at all. However, what's with the localization? (:

The only mismatch with the UI is that parts of it are using (or seem to look like) vector art instead of your usual raster art, text fro teh Instructions and Credits buttons. But, I guess since the game graphics are "low-res" is lower, those might have been difficult to do.

Since you obviously like old-school so much, you should add a sound test, where you can sample every sound effect and song in the game. (:

Was never able to win the first match in duel mode - the guy just spams me to death. As made it as far as Ch3 in story mode also. I have trouble try to get around their attack, then do my own attack, but it's like my attacks takes longer to execute, and they hit me first, neutralizing my attack. I guess I could try going spam crazy like a maniac like the friendly AI does, but I don't have those kind of fingers, especially on a keyboard. (: Still looking forward to some toss moves from the martial artist.

Otherwise, nice game.

- Ziro out.

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

I downgraded to the micro graphics because it was at least 10x easier to make, and I didn't like the way the previous designs and some of the animations had come out. The translations are for non-NewGrounds portals. Anglophones typically account for very little of my income, so I'm reaching out.

As for the UI signs, yeah, they don't look as well matched as they did in my head. They're made in GIMP, so anti-aliased but not full vector. The text is all de-pixeled because it was impossible to read otherwise.

Sound Test will make it into one of these games someday. I was thinking of making it a separate file.

The trick to beating the first match in Duel is to stay out of the robot's range. If you get hit, move up or down to escape its range, and then counter attack. If you're playing Simple mode, this might be slightly harder, since you can't guard or Guard Burst. Playing like a maniac is kind of the point, but there's always a lot of instant-strategy to take into account.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the report.


game is so awesome

not bad, not bad at all

this was pretty fun man... there arent really any problems, i like the style of this game and dueling is pretty fun. nice game.

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4.48 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2011
7:01 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place December 30, 2011