Spring Ball Trouble

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Hand drawn & assembled in Flash.

Can you find all the 6 endings?

I made this game for another site, but since I was tricked and have never been paid, I put the logo of my site.

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My goodness, amazing! My favorite part was the art! You're amazing! I appreciate all opinions, believe me when I saw that, but I don't understand why people say the art "could be better" IT COULDN'T BE ANY BETTER! <3 Sorry, I just really enjoyed this ^_^'' keep up the good work! (Norbert was my fave. Felt like I had to point that out lol)

really cute over all and appropriate for all ages, which is another plus in it's own right. i hope you make more.

I like it, some of the characters likes in this game fitted my own. Like the guy that likes music and the guy who likes books or that guy that plays video games a lot. Anyway the game was pretty good. By the way, you should make more of these types of games, ti's pretty interesting to see what happens at the end.

It was cute but the art could've been better....

Art - Cute. It's not amazing, but I'm not picky when it comes to this aspect of games and manga. Plus, it had an endearing quality to it. I found the character designs of Wendy and Eileen to be particularly adorable.

Audio - Nice, calm, and relaxing - exactly the kind of music that I appreciate in sim dating games. I dislike it when jazz music is playing, although that's just a personal preference. I specifically liked the tune at the beginning, the one with just the xylophone (was that what is was? I am no good at identifying instruments).

Characters - Flat and bland. I couldn't quite appreciate any of them, because everything they said was very generic and dull. I disliked how everyone was put into stereotypes. Iris, the mean girl. Wendy, the wannabe journalist. Eileen, the cute new girl. Norbert, the adorkable nerd. Curtis, the jock. Alan, the gentle geek. Kenneth, the chill musician. But, I think this game is mainly for people looking for something short and sweet to help pass the time, so I understand why not a great deal of effort was put into making them.

Interactions/Conversations - As bland as the characters. The right answers were made obvious by being accompanied by either neutral or plain rude responses. I also felt as if the only point to Eileen was to be cute, match the boys' interests, and please the guys. Why is it such a big deal that I already be a big fan of Soundwaves? Why do I need to love Alan's book? Why do I need to compliment Curtis' skills? Why do I need to be wait around three hours for Norbert to show up? Why do I need to be a gamer chick, a football fan, a sci-fi reader, and a singer, in order to get along with everyone?

And what is the point to having Iris as a character? Simply to add drama when she interrupts my conversation with Kenneth? This ties in with the characters being flat, I suppose.

In conclusion, I'd say that it has definite room for improvement, but it's decent. I hope I did not offend anyone with this review.

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4.62 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2011
10:20 AM EST
Adventure - Other